Banana or banana enchi?

The banana clutch mates are super enchi banana so they are of no help lol


Thats a beauty, I am thinking of getting a bannana or bamboo for my next snake. Any pros and cons you could share about this bannana enchi?

There is no cons to these genes. I don’t believe this particular one is Enchi only banana.

Silly question, do certain genetics bring out certian behavior in snakes? For example, is a bannana more tempermental then a normal or a pinstipe and so forth? Or do genetics only apply to characteristics? Obviously keeping in mind the unique “personality” of each snake.

Looking at the tail i want to say enchi… :grimacing:

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No morph is better ‘behaved’ than another.
I have a banana, and a bamboo will be here next month (touch wood)
I handle a lot with my reptiles so my boy is very chill.
If you don’t handle expect a hissy snake like one of our last girls who wasn’t handled and a moody one! :sweat_smile:

Genetics wise, some have ‘issues’ like the spider and it’s wobble, also champagne with certain morphs will have this too. There’s genes that cannot go together or are fatal.
I’ll try find the list!


Second this. The behavior and personality is definitely case by case, and strongly influenced by how you interact with them.

That said, all my normal, bamboo and cinnamon gene holders are great eaters. Every pinstripe so far has been nervous and skittish and took awhile to calm down, but came around. My banana and coral glow are both sweet boys. All my Lav albinos like to be handled, even the babies. :exploding_head:

And personally, I refer to pastel as the “grumpy gene” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . They are the only ones to really take a shot at me. And my only super pastel is named Tabasco. Cause she’s spicy, with an extra dose of grumpy. Fortunately, she’s just a baby, I hope she grows out of it, but for now I just plan on taking a little nip every time :laughing: :rofl:.

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Your response was extremely helpful! Thank you!!!

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