Bananas and Coral Glows

Hey there…I’m ready for my next ball python and have really been stuck on bananas and coral glows. I love the intense colors some of them have which also is part of my question. I recently saw a facebook post in one of the BP groups I follow and it was asking to see adult bananas/corals. As I scrolled through I noticed that those “bright” colors were lacking and then I came across a comment that had their baby to adult banana BP picture. The baby picture had some pretty intense oranges, but the adult image (of the same snake) looked nothing like the baby. Do those colors change that dramatically? Are those oranges and yellows going to completely wash out? Just want to have a realistic expectation of what my adult would look like.

Hey good question.
Yes the color changes that banana and coral glow exhibits from hatchling to adult change dramatically.
The bright oranges and yellows fade, and the lavender/purple tones will also fade away. Most will develop “freckles” as they age too, which I think gives them a dirty look overall.
They tend to be more a cream color as adults and lose all their intense color they exhibited as a hatchling. Honestly I think they are the most overrated morph out there due to these dramatic color changes, but that’s a different subject entirely lol.


Yeah you really have to love cream white snakes to like adult Banana and Coral Glows. This is the original wild caught Coral Glow (Previously named Albino Whitesmoke).

Thanks for the response. I am fairly new to the hobby. I had normals when I young and now as an adult with kids of my own have gotten back into it. We have a bamboo fire already and are looking at different morphs. I only now realized that I’ve not seen those “bright” adults. I agree too…I don’t really care for the freckling so much either. Glad a realized this beforehand. This is one that we were looking at, but knowing it won’t look anything like this as an adult makes me rethink it (especially with the prices lol)

Yea I already have a “white-ish” guy. My bamboo fire is pretty light.


Of course, we’re all here to help. And it’s good you ask questions before jumping into a purchase. Shows you really think things through which is a great thing to have in this hobby.

That’s a gorgeous bamboo, nice snake!
Look into ultramel, lavender albino, candino/toffino, clowns, pieds and orange dream. Most of those morphs exhibit beautiful bright colors and can be affordable most the time. If you get a good line they will stay beautiful as adults. Ultramels really look good as adults, and aren’t to expensive if you go with a male.


The only Banana or Coral Glow that keeps color somewhat and does not have black freckles is the Banana Butter.

This is one I hatched a few weeks ago. But I suggest googling pictures of babies and adults. I’m a big fan if you like the banana/ coral glow.


This will give you an idea on what to expect with Banana and CG as far as color transition.


I’ve heard from a few people that champagne coral glow/banana seems to get more yellow over time but its more of a overall color and much less intense