Bearded dragons again

Well folks, after several years of telling myself I wasn’t going to get back in to bearded dragons I’ve gone and purchased 3 new bearded dragons… sigh… lol
So what am I starting up again with? I acquired 1.0 translucent 100% het hypo and 0.1 hypo 100% het translucent which are unrelated from Kevin Dunn at Dragon’s Den Herpetoculture. I also acquired 0.1 hypo translucent from Derek Johnson at Bucketlist Reptiles that is unrelated to the other 2 as far I am aware. I am aware that trans x trans breeding carries with it some risk when the animals are closely related so in part this will be a bit of an experiment until I see how the babies come out. If they start coming out with extra legs and eyes I’ll obviously be re-evaluating the situation. I believe though that these animals are separated enough to not cause a serious problem. I am also cohabbing these 1.2 as this how I’ve always kept bearded dragons, and I thoroughly enjoy keeping them this way where I can observe their social interactions. Beardies have developed complex social behaviors over millions of years for a reason I believe and when there are lots of visual barriers, space, and resources they do fine together. In an effort to avoid drama im going to say this once and will not debate it in the comments; if you disagree with cohabbing that is perfectly fine and I won’t try to convince you to keep YOUR animals in a way you’re not comfortable with, but I do not care to hear all of the reasons I shouldn’t do it. I’ve done this for years and I am fully aware of the risks involved. I will not argue about it any more. If you have questions about how to do it I’m happy to answer those.
I have one last finishing touch to add to my enclosure after which I’ll be doing a video of it to share how it is set up.
So here are the dragons :dragon::dragon::dragon:


I’ve been waiting for you to post these guys on here, I’ve seen them a lot on your Instagram. Every one of them is :fire:.

I’m excited for this video :blush:


Absolute stunner! Even though it has been some time since I’ve had beardies I can still definitely appreciate gems like your little ones.


@eaglereptiles I just have a fan to add to the enclosure and then it’ll be ready for video. Got the vents installed a couple days ago and just been busy since I also had the 3 house snakes, 4 new gopher snakes, and 4 new king snake crosses come in.
@nathan_e I was sitting back thinking about this large enclosure I have with nothing in it and going over what species would fit best in it, be fun for the educational programs, and maybe provide a little income, and I just couldn’t come up with a better option within my price range other than dwarf monitors and I’m not quite ready to try breeding those again yet.


I always get a kick out of it when they look like that for some reason.


Meatwad finished shedding…


Meatwad :joy::joy::joy:


love the name as it is very unique haha. what inspired you to name him that?

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@nathan_e the color and texture of his skin reminded me of a lump of hamburger when he turns really dark and I like the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force so I thought it was kind of funny. I figure when I get back to doing educational shows the kids will get a kick out of the name as well; i always take that into consideration when naming them. Sometimes ill offer up a little prize to the first person who can tell me where a name came from just as an added bit of fun to the presentation.


Meatwad is definitely stunning the type of dragon I would get in a heart beat.


Love the set up :metal:. I’d never have thought to use rocks to keep substrate out of the glass tracks. Brilliant bit of thinking.


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So a few weeks ago I got a message from a friend of my sisters who is not a reptile keeper and she said her step son was coming to live with them and he had a bearded dragon. From being around me she knew the way he was being kept was not right but that was the extent of it. The dragon was being housed with a whites tree frog and a toad in a semi-aquatic setup. So she asked if I could come talk them through everything they needed to do when he got here from reno. So below is the before and after pics since we just finished the setup today. I of course had them remove the water right away and set it up dry with the tree frog in a separate tank and the toad stayed behind in reno, but it took some time with covid to get everything in to complete the enclosure. Her husband built the top exactly to my specifications which has 3 porcelain lamp fixtures and a new arcadia 14% uvb t5 desert bulb. One lamp fixture for the main basking site, one for the led lamp to light up the rest of the cage which provides a small amount of heat, and one extra just incase they need additional heat either at night or during the day. whenever.

I’m proud of what they did seeking help before this dragon had any serious health issues and then actually making the changes that needed to be made. The dragon amazingly lived in the original setup for about 7 months with no adverse effects as far as i can tell. I’m so happy I was able to help them and now this kid can continue to raise his dragon, Falco, and i have full confidence he will thrive and live to a ripe old age.


Wow what a tank transformation! Glad you could help them correct his care! Now the kid and bearded dragon can grow up together and he can have a good experience with his beardie! Thank you for sharing! I love stories like these.


“She’s the kind of kid that lacks other people’s plates clean.”


I like to move things around, add rocks and branches, and take things away every so often to keep them on their toes a bit more. These rocks are firmly in place and provide a better basking spot than the branches by themselves.


Meatwad with a belly full of repashy and roaches…

Starfire freshly shed…


What morph is the one with all the white and Orange