Bearded dragons again

Thats the same one as above thats all reddish orange. She was in shed thats why she had all the white. She is a hypo translucent.

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Ok thanks just was curious

My how they grow! When fed properly and kept at the right temperatures bearded dragons grow incredibly fast. I often see the phrase, “power-feeding” thrown around, but I’m here to tell you that term does not apply to bearded dragons. They are designed to grow as quickly as they can to avoid being easy prey for larger lizards, snakes, and birds of prey. They are eaten by a lot of other animals in their native land and the quicker they grow the better their chances of survival and breeding before they get eaten. However, obesity is definitely a real problem in captive dragons due to being fed too much of the wrong things too often. It’s important to do your research on feeding a proper diet.


Great shots as always! I always find it hilarious how they lay on one another and was wondering, do you think they mind? Either way I can tell they are living the life and enjoying every bit!


I don’t know anything about Beardie morphs, but those guys sure are awesome-looking! Does Dahlia get white where she’s beginning to shed? (This is ridiculous, but I just realized I have no idea what a shedding beardie looks like :woman_facepalming:.)


Yeah the skin appears white or grey depending on the dragon right before it starts to peel…


They tend to stack more as babies than as adults and they do seem to mind it but the only the ones on the bottom lol. It’s generally a way of competing for the light. The only reason they appear to be doing it here is because I had just set meatwad down and had given all of them soak since they decided to walk through some poo. They always like to bask and dry out good after soak.