Been meaning to get on here!

What’s Up MM community?! My name is Jeremy Turgeon - I’m late to the party here! A little info about me for anyone who may not know - I’ve been keeping reptiles since I was a young child about 5/6 years old. Over the last 20+ years I have kept nearly 7 Dozen species of reptiles and amphibians and bred about 5 dozen of them also. These days I focus primarily on working with Ball Pythons, Jungle Carpets, Bredli, Borneo Short Tails, Bloods, Retics, Burms, Amazon Tree Boas, Corns, Cali Kings, Mex Mex, and probably about 10 other species.

Perhaps most notably - I was the Facility Manager for New England Reptile Distributors (NERD) from 2019-2021. I currently live in NC running my own business with reptiles (Brass Man Reptiles), and am a working musician (I play trumpet… get it now… Brass Man?! LOL).

I also am the founder and co-host of the Reptile Talk Podcast (along with my co-host Rob Christian). We just spoke with John in our most recent episode, and now that I am off the road, we can hopefully begin to put consistent episodes out again!

I’m excited to be able to come in and chat with people and connect! All my links are below! :slight_smile:

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Welcome! If you are keeping that many species, hopefully you are willing to share some pics with the class! I dont even know what half of them are haha!


Welcome and now you need some danger lobsters :scorpion: :joy:. I feel life isn’t complete until you collect em all like Pokémon :joy:.

Im probably the resident scorpion girl but i also love spiders :spider: and keep black widows.

Oh and i love to chat on here way too much😂 im pretty deprived of human contact due to my autoimmune illness and respiratory issues, so this is my outlet.


I am in NC as well. I thought you mentioned something about moving to NC in one of the NERD videos. I have seen you at a few of the local reptile shows and figured you had made the move. Nice to see you join the MM community.


For anyone that missed Jeremys interview with John…


Haha! Certainly!!! Here’s a random assortment of pics. Lollll


Lollll! I’m not too into arachnids like that, sadly. Lol. I think they are cool, just not my thing :joy:


Ayyeee! Yea, I’ve been down here just shy of a year now… crazy to think about really! But it’s been wonderful! And I’m happy to spend a little time on here as well!!


Welcome to the MM family!!


Welcome to the family! Super happy to have you here. I will say, I have been eyeing quite a few of things on your MM store lol. Keep it up, all of it is incredible.


Hey Jere! I’m also in NC, Raleigh area. Hope to see you perform some time. Ive seen some videos, you make pretty noise! :smile::+1:
-Lida Thornley


Welcome to the forum! I just wanted to say hi and post a pic of this stunning girl - I’m still completely in love with her.


Thank you!


Thanks so much! :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Haha! Thanks so much! Working on locking in some shows in the NC area… been plenty busy linking up with other bands out here, but hopefully soon! :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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She looks great!! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

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Welcome and thanks for sharing. I love boop noodle eye candy.


You have quiet the collection. Beautiful animals Jeremy.
I guess I’m the one who’s late to the party.
Hope to see more of your ATB’s .

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Hahaha! Thanks so much!

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I think i saw just about all colors of the rainbow there…:exploding_head:

What a mind boggling collection! I honestly couldn’t keep track of the animals i wanted to specifically call out for being (as clint says) stinkin rad! Because the list just kept getting longer.

That first amazon tree tho… the yellows and whites on that carpet python, that first ball python’s pattern is so clean. The headstamp on that hatchling with the pied is super unique, all of the reds, the magpie, and that pink looking short tail!

I have to know. You gotta have one old as bags ball python or something laying around somewhere that dates back to your childhood collection. Do you have any og’s left?