Better Late than Never

Hello. Many of you know of me already, but I realized I never did an introduction. My name is Ashley and I am 22 years old (23 later this year). I have been keeping reptiles since I was 12, and have been passionate/learning about them for as long as I can remember. I was inspired to one day become a herpetologist by the work of Steve Irwin, though that was narrowed down from Zoologist/Ornithologist in the recent years.

I have 5 snakes at the moment, and plan to work primarily with colubrids in the future with a couple BP projects. I also plan to get into retics in a few years once @mnroyals starts producing them. Though I will only be getting into dwarf/super dwarf retics due to being too short to handle the larger ones easily. Being 4’10" (147cm for those not using freedom units) does tend to come with some limits on what snakes can be handled without risk.

I will now list the snakes that I have, as I am sure some may want to know. My oldest snake is a 10 year old Arizona mountain king snake, and his name is Ammon. My smallest snake is a 3 year old San Matias rosy boa named Andromeda. She was a runt when born and will likely never get much bigger than she is now, and is 55 grams when empty. My longest snake is the one I am currently treating for an RI due to the breeder sending her to me with one. She is an Eastern rat snake and her name is Polaris, she is 5-6 years old and is 6’1" (185cm). I have 2 BPs, and both are het VPI axanthic. I have a female firefly named Bellatrix, and a male banana champagne pastel named Akira. Bellatrix is your standard shy BP, and Akira loves exploring and isn’t even head shy.

I have recently started making jewelry from the sheds of my snakes to help pay for their food and care. Due to getting laid off of work and caring for a sick snake that a breeder sent me, that is one of my only ways to keep myself from going broke. I will likely have to sell a few things, including one of my snakes at this rate, as I don’t think getting a job soon enough will happen due to covid. I will link my shop below if any of you want to help add to the snake piggy bank.

Thanks for reading, and if you ever need care tips on the snakes I keep, feel free to ask. I know the care of many other snakes as well, due to looking into and researching many species so I can likely help out even if I don’t keep them.

Now for the picture tax;


Extra close mlem from Ammon:

Andromeda on a rose:

She just ate yesterday so I can’t get a more recent picture.


Always has perfect sheds.


Scales of stuck shed on his head because he hasn’t figured out how to use the rock in his enclosure yet, unlike Bellatrix.



Did I read that correctly, you’re 4’10"?! Finally someone my size!:blush: I’m 4’11 so I definitely understand ya there. I love reading introductions that include pictures and descriptions of their reptiles. Thanks for sharing! :heart_eyes:


Thank you Ashley for the consideration. Once I have some retic hatchlings, in a few years lol, you’ll definitely be the first to know :grin:. I’m excited to help you with your first retic, you’d one of the best places I could let a snake go to.

Polaris is just gorgeous, I’m definitely smitten for her. Never seen another like her and you really got lucky with that find.
Nice to see you make your introduction, tho we here all appreciate the advice you have given to many of us, I know I have since I started to join into conversations.


Glad you finally did one of these! Nice little bunch of scaly children you have there by the way! Love seeing your responses on here for various topics as they are always very informative and you are a valued regular here! Definitely update us on any future animals especially your future retic.


I love freedom units, I’m using that from now on.

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Great to finally be officially introduced! And I’m also on the short side…every trip to walmart, they never have the step stool I want :sob: I need that to reach into my lil guys enclosure :joy: You have some beautiful noodles, but I need Bellatrix in my life!! :heart_eyes: One of my future breeding goals is super fires :smiley: And you give awesome advice and opinions! AND the jewelry you create looks awesome :smiley:


Thanks for sharing your collection. I think Polaris is one of my favorite snakes of all time. Glad she is doing well.


Welcome to the forum Ashley :wink::joy:
It is nice to finally know a bit about yourself.
I won’t lie, and I don’t know why, in my head I had assumed you were much older than 22 :crazy_face:. You definitely have knowledge beyond your age :joy:.

I agree with @mnroyals about Polaris. She is a absolute stunner of a animal and one I am definitely jealous of. I love seeing updates on her.

I’m really impressed with the jewellery aswel, they turned out amazing. Hopefully it can keep you afloat until a new job arises and you can avoid selling any of your animals :crossed_fingers:. I really like that each listing has a picture of the snake who’s shed was used.


Beautiful animals :+1::+1: Welcome to the family :yellow_heart:


I feel old now… that is all…:rofl::laughing:


Oh great, let me add you to the list if people taller than me on this forum. :joy::tired_face: Pretty sure everyone is lmao.

@eaglereptiles @jackiendan With as much Polaris has put me through stress wise, I still love her personality. She seems to be improving and barely has a wheeze when calm, but still has a loud huff when overly active. I made her swim in the bath the other day because she pooped on herself, and that is when I heard it more. Still have a few shots to give her, and I will see if she needs more once she is done with these.

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I feel old too, so you aren’t alone. :joy:

Yeah, I get that a lot. I think the last time I took a mental age test I was like 47 lol. Aside from gaming, a lot of my free time is just spent researching every animal I am even slightly interested in. I have been doing that since I was allowed on the Internets, so for around 13 years lol.

I am hoping my jewelry sells as well, but getting started on etsy does take time and patience.

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Bellatrix even has a partial ringer right before her tail. I thought it was just blushing at first, but looking closer I figured out it is actually a ringer. I am hoping to produce a champagne fire axanthic with her and Akira, since fire usually increases the chance of ringers in champagne. A monochrome champagne with a ringer sounds so nice.