Biological Canvas Ball Python Collection Photos

I’ve been starting new threads with each new photo session and figured it may be better to share all my future collection photos in one spot instead.

I’ll start it off with my latest, two female dreamsicles from Garrick DeMeyer of Royal Constrictor Designs.


I like seeing people with a solid plan that know where they are going.

Great animals.


Thank you Deborah. It’s easy to get distracted with all the incredible mutations out there, that’s for sure. Before I got my first ball python my goal was to eventually make incredible next-level dreamsicles and I’m happy I’ve stayed focused to that end.


those girls are beautiful!

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That is an amazing pair of snakes for sure. Wow.

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2019 YB Pied het Lavender produced by Kobylka @ 1070 grams


2019 Pastel Dreamsicle 1.1 pair produced by Justin Kobylka. Both currently between 500 and 600 grams. They have a faint greenish tone that is hard to pickup on camera. There’s some interesting variation between them. The female has more lavenders while the male is a hair lighter with thicker whites, especially evident when you compare their heads and upper necks.