Biological Canvas Ball Python Collection Photos

I’ve been starting new threads with each new photo session and figured it may be better to share all my future collection photos in one spot instead.

I’ll start it off with my latest, two female dreamsicles from Garrick DeMeyer of Royal Constrictor Designs.


I like seeing people with a solid plan that know where they are going.

Great animals.


Thank you Deborah. It’s easy to get distracted with all the incredible mutations out there, that’s for sure. Before I got my first ball python my goal was to eventually make incredible next-level dreamsicles and I’m happy I’ve stayed focused to that end.


those girls are beautiful!

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That is an amazing pair of snakes for sure. Wow.

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2019 YB Pied het Lavender produced by Kobylka @ 1070 grams


2019 Pastel Dreamsicle 1.1 pair produced by Justin Kobylka. Both currently between 500 and 600 grams. They have a faint greenish tone that is hard to pickup on camera. There’s some interesting variation between them. The female has more lavenders while the male is a hair lighter with thicker whites, especially evident when you compare their heads and upper necks.


Ultramel Female @ 800 grams


Wow, I can see the pictures on your wall behind you in the reflection of her eye :no_mouth: incredible photo :+1:


The differences between your two sets of dreamsicles is so striking, is that just from the addition of pastel in one set or is there more at play here?


Thanks! My 17 year old camera equipment can still hang! You can also see in the eye reflection that all the light is coming from the bounce flash off the ceiling :slight_smile:.


The difference between the dreamsicles is due to age and the pastel gene… but primarily age. The little ones were born just a few months ago and around 100 grams in those photos while the pastel dreamsicles are yearlings at 500+ grams. Once the little ones are out of quarantine I’ll do a photo session with all of them together for a fun comparison. According to grandmaster Kobylka regular dreamsicles are brighter than pastel dreamsicles as babies but pastel dreamsicles are “way brighter” as adults. We shall see!


Just did a 5 dreamsicle photo session with the intention of doing it halloween themed with pumpkins but I could not get these guys to cooperate for any group shots outside of the holding tub. I also need a different (not so close) lens and larger pumpkins. Oh well! In the photos are two 2019 Pastel Dreamsicles (a boy and a girl, produced by Justin Kobylka) and three Dreamsicle girls (produced by Garrick DeMeyer). The male, who is on the top wrapped around the bunch in the tub photo, weighed in at 730 grams today will be going into the breeding program very soon. He also shed yesterday and pulled up some incredible yellows. Quality pastel lavenders seem to pile on lots of yellow around the 700-800 gram mark. He definitely kicked up a notch with this last shed. Fingers crossed he’s a good breeder for me in my first ball python breeding season. The pastel dreamsicles are half siblings (different moms) and the dreamsicles all have different moms and may or may not have the same dad.

The one photo I got before they all squirmed away.

In the holding tub

Standard baby dreamsicle vs pastel yearling dreamsicle close up comparison. Same (male) pastel dreamsicle (larger one), two different dreamsicles. Top photo is the most contrasty girl from Garrick but she is getting ready to go into shed. The one on the bottom has more of light orange fading, very cool pattern.

Baby dreamsicle admiring the yellows in the pastel dreamsicle. This particular dreamsicle has the most initial lavender compared to the other two from Garrick.


Those are such cool pictures! I love seeing them all together


So insane thanks for sharing!

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This girl just reached the 1400g mark! Crazy how fast she is growing, she’s had strict weekly feedings since I got her as a hatchling.

Pumpkin (YB) Pied Het Lavender in her native habitat