Black pastel line identification help

I picked up this girl for $60. Seriously a great find and she’s very sweet. She’s at 1100 grams in this picture. I’m hoping to get a few opinions on the possible line she might be from? And… Dare I say out loud she kinda looks like a (super Huffman)?. Not sure about the age but she’s Awesome and growing fast. We will give it a go next year.

All input appreciated.


I have this mature male for her.

And this girl is 550 grams but will also be paired to him. Panda and super black pastel endeavors!


That for sure isn’t a super Huffman. Looks black pastel as far as a line, your going to have a difficult time telling. Do you know who originally bred her? This would greatly help you track any info if she is from a particular line. Very nice looking girl!


Thank you! I have no helpful information on her. It was a girl selling her ex boyfriends abandoned snakes. We have been trying to figure out what line potentially since she’s got such a crazy pattern.

She also sold me this guy:
He’s pairing up with two of our girls now. We are really scratching our heads on this one. Has yellow&black belly scales. Has a crazy stripe and is very high contrast.


Thank you. Yeah she looks really busy and dark to me, like some of the higher end lines. We plan on keeping her around long term for sure. What would you say about the male she sold me for $40? Highly suspect normal?

I would say that the male is a normal.

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Yeah that’s what we’re thinking too, but still can’t resist trying a dinker project. I have no more mystery snakes other than the two from that girl. Thanks for the help! Have a happy new year!

No problem!!! Always glad to help!! Happy New Years to you as well!

The Black Pastel isn’t a Barnhart line from what I can see in the picture. That’s the most high end line and most desirable by most accounts.
It’s a very nice Black Pastel tho, definitely a stunner. Exactly which line will be near impossible to tell.
The second snake you have is a normal. Very unique but a normal none the less.


I prefer the Ian G line :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thank you. Very much appreciated. I do have a few other pictures that show a little more of her.


She is for sure a very very nice example of the black pastel gene!

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Dude she is stunning! Her head is insanely dark for being that size and her pattern and colors, oh man that’s one of the nicest Black Pastels I’ve seen in awhile. And for 60$, you’re a criminal lol.

@saleengrinch oh for sure. Personally I don’t prefer one line over the other, and Ian G line is definitely equal or better with some combos than the Barnhart line. But those are the top 2 lines of Black Pastel in my opinion.


Wow that’s great to hear! Thank you. We’re really looking forward to breeding her to the male black pastel pied next season. Supers🤞


Thank you!

Be aware the super black pastel combo has a lot of issues.

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Yes we are aware. It is a bummer. Planning on running lower temp 87-89. Some say slower might help. Also all 3 of the black pastels in my little project are from different places so hopefully that’ll help too. Sadly we are expecting some issues for sure.

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I would shoot for 86 maybe 88 max. It will be a little bit longer incubation but there are a few instances like you say where some people have had success doing that. But I’m not sure if they got lucky or if it actually helped produce less deformities. There is no science behind it being documented that it helps but it’s always worth a shot.

You definitely have some nice animals. I’m excited to see what you produce in the coming years and keep us updated with how she ages. Wish she was in my collection, really a beauty.


I would go lower than that personally. I hatched one viable super out of 9 one year. They were seriously kinked and duck billed. Not a pairing I would ever try again.


We’ve decided if it does become too big of an issue we’re just gonna put a different spin on the 8 ball. Cinnamon pied male instead maybe for example.

The eight ball has the same issues unfortunately.