Blood Python Stolen!

This adult female Genetic Striped Blood Python was stolen from me by a man in Florence, AL. I know exactly who he is, but I’m not going to publicly post that information because it may violate forum rules. If any one sees her being offered for sale anywhere on the internet or in person, please let me know by private message.


You may not be able to name on here but you sure can on other sites!

What is wrong with people :angry:

I hope you get her back safe :black_heart:


Do you have another site you can recommend where I can post more information?


I’m not on them, but Facebook, instagram etc. I know of someone who had a snake ‘stolen’ from them from donny and thanks to fb it was sorted and a ‘misunderstanding’.
But either way the guy was found.


Have you reported this to the police yet?


The snake was stolen through a fraudulent trade (I sent the snake, he sent nothing), and it is interstate, so it would be very difficult to pursue as a legal case. I’m hoping to the resolve the situation without having to go that route.


I would post it to the Herpetoculture Feedback and Inquiry group on Facebook.


I have, just waiting for my post to be approved.


You can also post the name of the guy on FB too. Also, I wouldn’t mind a dm with his info so I can keep an eye out for him.


Okay perfect. I’m sorry that happened to you; must be incredibly frustrating! Hopefully putting some public pressure on him will bring some positive resolution for you.


I’m so sorry this happened to you. :frowning: I’m on the other side of the country, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled here on MM and elsewhere on the internet for any bloods for sale that match her picture/description. I hope this just turns out to be some sort of misunderstanding that gets sorted out…though it doesn’t sound like a misunderstanding from what you describe. People really suck sometimes.

I hate that animal theft is even a thing that happens. It’s one thing to steal someone’s TV or computer (which is still a really crappy thing to do), but stealing a living creature is a whole other level of scummy, at least in my eyes.


This is good info! Do they accept postings regarding racks and fraud?

I had someone steal $750 from me for custom racks that were never delivered. I had even dealt with them previously without issues. I purchased the spendy polycarbonate tubs separately and now have no use for them. I waited too long to get my money back through my bank. The guy claimed he had covid and was hospitalized, so I waited, not realizing I was losing my chance to recover my money.

To anyone reading this, I strongly advise ONLY purchasing from better-known, reputable rack dealers.


My post with full details about this situation is now up on the Facebook group " Herpetoculture Feedback and inquiry." If anyone wants to visit, the full details of what happened, including the identity of the perpetrator, are available there.


Hope it all works out.

Took a look at the FB post, not sure if you were saying that its 5 days since they claimed to have shipped it, or if they took 5 days to supposedly ship it. I could understand their frustration if it was the latter and it actually was the shipping companies issue for not updating it, but if its the former, no shipping company ever takes 5 days to bote they received a package for shipping.


The racks were originally supposed to ship out on 4/1, but they didn’t. Many excuses later, I was told that FedEx picked up the racks on 4/8. However, the tracking number never updated to indicate that the package had been picked up. The guy claims that FedEx has the package, they just haven’t scanned it in for four days. Whenever I have had a package picked up from my home, the driver scans it before it even goes on the truck and the tracking updates minutes later. I called FedEx, and they say they don’t have the package and that if they had picked it up, it would have been scanned in right away. Basically, a shipping label was created but the package was never shipped. The guy has repeatedly said he would pay me the value of the snake and shipping if the label does not update, but he never actually does.


Yeah, that isnt a thing. You are correct, the driver scans the code when they pick it up, his excuses about warehouse not being in to scan it or whatever are bogus. If he failed to meet a timeline, thats one thing, but claiming they have it when that clearly isnt the case is another.


Oh, that is tough. Really hope you find it. Chances are it won’t pop up in my area, but I will keep my eyes peeled :face_with_peeking_eye: :worried:


Yes, I believe they do. You should definitely post there too.


I work for a major shipping company in the US. (Not fedex but I’m under the assumption the handling processes are the same if not better than at my place of employment) there’s no way in heck he gave that over to Fed-Ex without a scan. Animals/cremated remains/labeled perishables are all generally handled separately and with the upmost care. There’s also cameras and record keeping for every part of the process. If you get the right person on the phone they’d be able to tell you who handled it. At what time and for how long. Also likely where that driver stopped for lunch and when they took bathroom breaks……There’s GPS tracking in those scanners…. So you know where the employee is at any given time (and it’s a huge no-no to go anywhere without said scanner).

So unless he’s an idiot (handed over parcel and not taking a receipt or at least making VISUAL confirmation that said employee scanned it) and passed off his parcel to an incredibly stupid employee with a klepto streak and with not a shred of decency or honesty then he’s still in possession of said animal for sure. I’ll keep an eye out as well. I’m in FL. But I often browse the internet looking at reptiles and reptiles for sale when I’m bored or on breaks at work.

I hope you get this straightened out soon. Person sounds like a scumbag.