Bloodred Corn Update

Genetic Review Form.

Current information
Species: Corn Snake
Name of Gene: Bloodred

Genetics Type: Recessive
Other names/aliases for it?: Diffused
Problems: Any problems?

New information

Species: Corn Snakes
Name of Gene: Bloodred

Genetics Type: Combo
Description: Change Bloodred from an alias of Diffused, to a Combo of Diffused, Masque, and Red Factor

References here on the community:

“Bloodred and diffused are sometimes used synonymously, but bloodred is actually considered to be a selectively bred morph that is made from a combination of diffused, masque, and a red enhancing gene - usually red factor.”


@solarserpents are you in agreement with this change?


Yup, strongly in agreement.


Me too, fwiw.


Although I strongly agree that good quality true Bloodreds are certainly Masque, I am not so sure regarding the red factor for all animals offered. I think line breeding is just as mush at play depending on the lineage. It is all too easy to cite a Red Factor type gene but I don’t think this can be definitively proven for most animals offered.
I would warrant most Pied-sided and well-coloured Diffused animals will be tagged as Bloodred incorrectly with regard the addition of a red enhancing gene if this is included in the combo listing. I would consider Diffused and Masque to be sufficient and less likely to cause confusion.


Any extra thoughts on this? @solarserpents

Since nearly all diffuseds are also masque, I don’t think having those two genes alone are enough to qualify a snake as bloodred. I think they need to also have either red factor or red coat. Most people don’t even label their diffused corns as “diffused masque” because masque is sort of a given? It doesn’t bother me personally if people use diffused and bloodred interchangeably, but for the sake of categorizing things on MorphMarket , I think bloodred should be a morph combo that includes diffused, masque, and a red enhancing mutation. But I see what you’re saying, line breeding could definitely be playing a part in the nicer quality specimens and since they typically get bred to other diffused-based snakes, it might not be clear whether they actually have a red enhancing mutation or just line breeding. So you could be right. It’s not something I’ve worked a lot with, personally, although my highest quality babies were red factor for sure. Maybe there could be a way to select either red factor (or red coat) or line bred?


We could always make these individual combos for this, with them listed as

  • Bloodred (Red Factor)
  • Bloodred (Red Coat)
  • Bloodred (X)
  • Bloodred (Y)
  • Bloodred (Z)

For example


Thinking more about the concerns of clarity with MM trait choices (as opposed to general community discussions), I can see the benefit of having Bloodred with choices of red enhancing genes… but.

The trouble is that so many breeders historically referred to Diffusion as Bloodred for a long while, until some of the contributing traits were sussed apart. The “-red” was often dropped in non-red morphs, but not everybody picked up Diffusion in its place, hence confusing names like Caramel Blood, or Ghost Blood.

If we’re going to separate Bloodred and Diffusion on MM, I do think that @solarserpents has it right.
So checking the “Bloodred” box would look something like the choices in @eaglereptiles last reply, as it is the expression of multiple traits. I assume that we’ll still be able to select Diffusion/Diffused or Red Factor or whatever independently of Bloodred since Diffused Caramel/Caramel Diffusion et al still exist.

Generally, line breeding/careful breeding does contribute to and enhance the Bloodred look. But is it not generally true with most morphs, from Abbott Oketee to Zolatone? It’s already usual to include in the wording of an ad if a particular line is used. I don’t think we’d improve clarity by the inclusion of a “line bred” box. I suspect it would be checked so often that it would become meaningless.