Blue Ghost Ball Python

I remember coming across what was called to be a Blue Ghost ball python.
I can’t remember where I saw this information, but I remember as the snake matured, instead of dulling out like many ball pythons, this snake instead started to turn Blue and seemed to get brighter.
I was wondering does anyone have any more information on this morph? Or was it a freak occurrence that has not been proven?

I’ve been really curious about this as well. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen anything about it. Hopefully someone here can chime in with more info

99% of the time these are just freak occurrence, increased melanin gene type thing and not reproducable.

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Ok very interesting, thank you @wreckroomsnakes.

Mark Petros used might still work with Blue Ghost but as Mary said a lot have been unproven and a fluke.

Someone here is working on such a project which is still unproven at this point The ‘Blue Ghost’ Project


Thank you Deb, I’m going to look into that.

The guy who actually had one has a Instagram and he is holding back some of her offspring to breed back to her and is documenting the process on his social media page

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Oh that’s interesting. I don’t have instagram or facebook. I would have never known that, thank you @nathan_e

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