Breeder Animal Lineages

Was thinking it would be cool to have some sort of gallery where you can upload pictures with descriptions of animals one personally has breeding so people can see the parents and how the offspring can potentially look like instead of having to send pictures through email.

Would also be cool if it could show which breeders currently have offspring and what they’ve had.

For example:

Name: Rudy
Species: Crested gecko
Morph/Mutation: Red Harlequin
Sex: male
Available Offspring:
Previous Offspring:

And the pictures of the offspring should also have a description that shows both parents.


I don’t think we allowed to post this as we are posting what’s available for sale and that would be on our selling account? I know we aren’t allowed to post up what’s for sale on here specifically.

Cute Dalmatian though! He’s a pretty boy :blush:

I usually post up recently hatched babies and their parents anyway. So maybe if you do that too then we can see yours. Just not what’s ‘available’?

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I personally think sending things like the parents of the animal through email is just part of the sales experience. It also allows you to get a feel for the person you are selling an animal to and lets you see any red flags that may pop up. That said, we are not allowed to post animals that we have available for purchase on the forums, and that is purely for the MM marketplace. I have seen breeders post pictures of the parents in the listings on MM for crested geckos before, maybe try that? Many also have them on Facebook as well.

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This section of the forum is for requesting new features for Morph Market itself, so I assume the OP was requesting that the ability for breeder galleries be added to Morph Market. Meaning that sellers could share that info on their Morph Market breeder’s page.


Ah having it all on 1 page on our profile would be brilliant!
Then people Can see our pairings that’s going on for the year etc! So if they’re looking for something in particular and we have it they’re able to contact us and be put on a waiting list or something.
Damn good idea OP :joy:

Though we could also just post our ‘pairings’ that’s happening in a thread? Assuming that’s ok to do.
I suppose that’s another way of doing it.

I posted mine on another forum, though it changed slightly since then :sweat_smile:


You can post the pairings you’re doing and the offspring you’re getting, but you can’t use any terminology like “for sale for $XXX”, “selling”, etc. Those threads would only be for sharing the actual animal and breeding aspect of it, not the buying and selling.


It’s a great feature request and one that I have thought about for a while #599.

  • Gallery of breeding animals
  • Tag your animals for sale with those parents
  • Share projects you are working on

(Current the best one can do is add extra photos to an ad and caption them as parents).


Yep, meant for it to be on the actual market page.

Thank you! It just randomly came to mind as I was posting stuff on my page. I always liked the idea of adding things like that to one’s page, makes it seem a little more sophisticated and professional.

Hope to see it soon! I’ll happily be on my page uploading pics.

Right now I just have the basic plan so I can only put in 1 photo per post :sweat_smile:
Soon as I have a larger clientele I’ll probably get one of the better plans.

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