Breeding Feeder Rodents / Type

So I’m comming closer to the point where breeding my own rodents is something that I’m ready to do. I’m leaning towards ASF, I know that trying to sell snakes being fed on ASF can be a problem but more towards older snakes as with anything. That’s kind of the least of my worries though. I had planned to produce my own FT once I could produce and maintain enough to start freezing my own but with ASF it might just be easier to feed live and keep grow out colonies for the most part. Rats smell a little less , Mice are fast breeders and you can rotate males just to name a few pros for me. Are ASF over hyped? I was planning on mice for the hatchlings and rats for the life span switching to FT once established. But I’m being sold on ASF,. I’ve seen a lot for and against all three. Is starting off hatchlings on ASF a good idea or would I still be better off producing a few mouse hoppers along side them? Rats or ASF, FT or Live?

Yes ASF are over hyped not all snakes will take them, they are not the miracle feeder people thought they were, they are aggressive, escape artist jumping like popcorn soon as you open their tubs and illegal in several states. I bred them for a year before realizing it was a waste of time and space.

I breed rats and mice, I used to start all BP hatchlings on rats but as I started to breed mice for my colubrids I began to offer mice to BP hatchlings as well.

I get a much higher % of animals taken their first first time offered where as with rats it might take several weeks and it sometime it might not even work at all and you still have to offer mice.

At a young age BP are easy to switch, most of my hatchlings are switch anywhere between meal 2 to 4.

My advice breed both mice and rats because you never know, and having the right feeder type as a snake breeder is essential.


I’m very happy with my ASF. They don’t smell as bad as regular rats and are easy to breed. They are escape artists, but my rats have pretty good temperaments.i can occasionally pet them and I clean by setting up a new tub and then just transferring them. They haven’t tried to escape during this process. I also haven’t had any problems switching between mice,rats, and ASF.