Bright genes In GHI

Hi all
Recently picked up a ghi enchi pastel sitting at 1. 2kg looking forward to using her to produce some hets for future projects !
Would love to see what ghi stuff everyone else has!


Gotta Have It… do you?

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This girl always grabs people’s attention.
GHI Enchi YB


Oh my goodness her pattern is like so like chaotic it’s like time is bending to that pattern possible

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Beautiful animals everyone! Here’s one of my girls that I love - pastel ghi het vpi axanthic from VPI


These are my 2 latest additions, a Super Pastel GHI 66% het Clown male and a Chocolate GHI Mojave 50% pos het Rainbow female.



What more does that is the most incredible Ball python I’ve ever seen

They are both GHI Mojave Yellowbelly or Specter

Those are 2019 babies. Sold the first one kept the second. Won’t be producing any this year. Female didn’t want to produce.

GHI Mojave Yellowbelly (M) x Superstripe (F)

Here’s the clutch from 2019


Thank you I’m currently in to Boas but if I can get a ball python I think that’s the morph I would choose. I mean just look at that line in those dark colors contrast is insane!!

Thank you

Here are the parents from 2019 breedings

Keep an eye on my up and coming hatchling posts cause I did breed the dad to 3 other girls and we will see what hatches. Babies when available will be on MorphMarket for sale


It’s amazing how mine and yours are only one gene apart and they look so different!
Yellowbelly appears to be a must in GHI now

That’s definitely a good project right there!
I’m going the DG route myself however axanthic was one of the considerations.
All the best with your project!
Pastel seems to do really well in ghi in my opinion

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They both look incredible the chocolate gene is definitely something that I need to get into!

The super pastel ghi looks great too, I think ghi is doing really well in colour brightening genes as a pattern changer for sure

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Ghi mojave combos are always great to see!
They look brilliant

Im hoping to Hatch some Ghi mojave combos next year with this girl paired to a pastave DG

Oh yeah, DG will certainly be amazing with those genes.

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Doing DG as well, love both projects (and they go great together :wink: ). Good luck to you!

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Thank you! I knew that I just had to get them when I saw them, they are both almost breeding size too so that’s a bonus. I just can’t decide whether I want to pair the Super Pastel GHI to the girl or my Pastel possible Chocolate Desert Ghost lol.

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GHI Pastel Orange Ghost