Building a Brumation room/chamber

I’ve been on the hunt recently for a wine cooler for brumating my hoggies. I’ve come to the conclusion that… wine coolers are pretty pricey lol. I just had an idea where I could construct my own kind of Brumation chamber thingamabob. I’d build a custom sized rectangular box, line it insulating foam and presto. Then it occurred to me that I would be building a glorified fridge. What’s everyone’s opinion? Would it be feasible/worthwhile?

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For mine I only needed to incubate small leopard gecko eggs. I took a styrofoam cooler and was planning to line it with heat tape (I had someone give me one which worked better).

I used to use a second hand drinks/milk cooler for my colourbrids. About human Hight. the kind they have in shops. Also you can always adjust the thermostat to your needs. Cost me about £40.

For less animals you can always get a drinks cooler of about 2 foot x 2 foot and even new that’s about £40
Add a couple of $ for US currency conversion.

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So depending on the winter temps where you are. I built one in my basement with 3/4” foam insulation(looks like thick styrofoam) it went from floor to ceiling about 7 1/2’ high and close to 2’ deep and 3’ wide. I used 4 2”x2” sticks for a frame and placed it so that the upper corner was on a window that I could open slightly if too warm. Worked great in the basement here in Colorado over the winter, kept it between 52-60 Fahrenheit. Pretty cheap and big enough to hold the dozen corn, king and pines I had. I have a few pics on my site under corn snake breeding so you could get an idea. Hope you have great luck breeding your hogs!

I would find a fridge on fb marketplace that are still working sometimes you can get one for 50 or free ask any friends if they have a fridge they are not wanting then use that.

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@redneckgirl2021 Hi and welcome.

Another thing I used to do with north american snakes was use the natural UK cold winter.
(if you have cold winters where you live it works well.)
I would have two extractor fans cut into in the windows of the room they were in. One in and one out.
The lower one would pull cold air in, the other higher one would push the higher warm air out.
Worked a treat with the rooms heating turned off if the extractor fans were the right size.
I used a rheostat (dimmer) to controle how powerful the fans worked and controle temps.

Later i used the drinks cooler I mentioned above because I had some more tropical snakes and couldn’t cool the whole room and meet all the different needs.
But for corns, rat snakes, kings and stuff it worked fine.