Buyer Ratings

Will the buyer ratings eventually be public to the buyers profile page on MorphMarket ?

I know that sellers can go in and leave feedback on transactions and vise versa, but how would you know if a seller left a positive/negative remark on it? If it was negative couldn’t the buyer be able to dispute it?
Since we can’t see what sellers say they could leave one worded answers, or something obscene.

Just curious is all!


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Currently, buyer info is limited in two respects: first, only sellers who they’ve had business dealings with (ie inquiries) can see the buyer’s profile. Second, only MorphMarket members (basic+) can see buyer ratings. However, if they’re not doing business with that buyer they may have a hard time finding the rating.

I would perhaps like to make buyer profiles totally public, if the user wants. I do not foresee a change with the ratings visibility though, this is a nice membership feature.

Regarding the content of the buyer rating, while display rating information differently for buyers than we do sellers. We don’t show the comments, and we only show qualities in a positively worded manner. In other words it’s fairly limited and you have to read between the lines to see some of the negative. There are various reasons for this.

But due to the limited nature, there’s not much of a need for a dispute process. And even for sellers the type of issues we moderate is very limited (but does include profanity).


I think making buyers ratings public would be nothing less than a major security step for sellers.

If you could have it so you could see the rating on more than just ACTUAL sales, that would save sellers a lot of time aswel.

Say some sort of format like.

Buyers name: @blablabla

Buyers location: united kingdom - (so you can say from the beginning whether you can send there or not.)

Sales rating: 3/5 (how easy is it to do business with this person)

Response rating: 1/5 ( if they inquire to buy a animal but when you respond they dont get back to you, that must be really annoying)

How many times they viewed the animal they want to buy: 2 (this could be a great indication of how serious they are. More views means they have thought it out properly. 1 view and it’s likely a scam)

Community trust level: 1/5 (if a buyer is active in the community then your likely to see your animal grow through pictures and posts. You will know what their husbandry is like and how they treat their animals.) (It’s not just about finding a great breeder, breeders need to make sure they are selling to responsible buyers)

From looking at @blablabla’s buyer profile, I wouldn’t be in a rush to do business with them.

Disclaimer: I used @blablabla because it didn’t exist yet, but it’s likely who ever makes a account with that name is making a throwaway account anyway.


I would be willing to pay a monthly membership (if needed) to have my buy rep displayed on my profile. In a way I was thinking something like how ebay shows your the rep of a person;

you can see what the buyer said about the seller
you can see what the seller said about the buyer

“Fast shipment, great customer service, A++ would buy from again” - clearly from the buyer
“Made payments on time, easy to work with, good communication” - could be from the seller

Also if a seller left a neutral review about me purchasing a snake from them I would want to see what I could do in the future you make sure I don’t come off like that again.

Does any of this make sense? I haven’t slept in 3 days.


Yeah it makes sense, any extra information a seller has about a buyer is a bonus on both parts (unless it’s a scammer).

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I would like to see ratings for the buyers.
There can be bad buyers too, unreasonable and demanding.

@xamier I’ve moved your question to the relevant topic. Please read the above, thanks.