Should there be a blacklist of people?

I believe there should be a blacklist of people to stay away from. For example.

A gentleman requested to purchase an animal from me arranged the day as I have him the best time possible to meet and I drove 45 minutes out of my way to meet him at the spot. On top of me waiting 45 minutes after the meet time and yet no response nor a text back. I would love to share his info to beware. Should there be a pinned post of people that just waist people’s time/write bad reviews for the hell of it? Just a thought.



No ratings or reviews about buyers or sellers. This includes “unboxing” type posts which inevitably include either promotional or review type content. Those involved in transactions can use the MorphMarket Rating system or should use the Facebook FBI forum.

On that note, any idea if/when sellers will be able to view buyer ratings on MorphMarket? That seems like it would be best best place to share such information.

@maddballpythons In the meantime, there are other places you can post negative reviews. Personally, I keep a list of buyers and sellers that I’ve had bad experiences with so I can remember to avoid them.

@maddballpythons It sounds like a good idea at first, but the reasons we can’t do this are similar to the reasons why we don’t do seller reviews in this forum.

@7snakes I don’t think buyer ratings will ever be fully public, but we do want to increase the amount of info we’re giving to sellers they’re sending inquiries to. But let’s keep that in this thread.

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