Why Doesn't the Forum Allow Ratings/Reviews/Questions About Sellers?

It doesn’t make sense to me why you cant ask questions about breeders on here? I needed some help/insight on a possible issue I’m having but yall flagged/reported it? Not trying to break any rules, this Is the first reptile site I’ve been apart of that has an issue with that? Is it ok to ask about if someone private messages me to help me out? Or am I just not allowed to make a post about it? I’m sorry if I sound silly, I’m still learning how this particular site works and still trying to make friends on here. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday :green_heart::snake:


At this time we do not allow inquiries and or feedback type threads or posts about specific sellers.

What is allowed is asking for advice with a specific situation you may go through and how to handle it, however names must be left out.


Yeah I saw that when I got the “your post is blocked” thing. I was curious on why?

Because not all sides to a story are always told truthfully. All it would take is a few hours for a committed user to completely ruin someone’s reputation on here. If someone really wants to give a bad review, the rest of the internet is open to them too do so, this place is for talking reptiles and how to improve the marketplace.:slight_smile:


To add to what @eaglereptiles said:

  1. Ratings/reviews posts of buyers or sellers are different than other kinds of posts you find on this forum because they impact people’s reputation and companies.
  2. As such they are very “high touch” from a moderation point of view, requiring a lot of time and energy to draw out the full story from both sides so it is fair and truthful.
  3. This is a huge workload for the moderation team - more than the whole rest of the board. Thus there are entire forums dedicated to this task alone.
  4. As a result we have chosen at this time not to include this kind of forum on the community site.

Your options are:

  1. Share here, but without names to get general advice and feedback.
  2. Leave ratings/reviews at MorphMarket if you purchased through an inquiry on the site.
  3. Contact MorphMarket support through email if you’ve been scammed or ripped off.
  4. Go to another forum where this is supported. We recommend Herpetoculture Feedback and inquiry facebook group.

See also: How Can We Leave Feedback on Non-Market Transaction


One of the best things about this forum is the lack of drama. The MM classifieds have an excellent system for finding feedback on breeders. I’m not sure why you would want to invite drama into an otherwise peaceful place when you can go over to the classifieds and read reviews on any breeder here, as well as any replies/follow-up from the actual buyers.

While I have no way to confirm it, I am 99% sure that I have sold animals to new customers based on my store ratings. The ratings reflect experiences from real people and actual transactions that have taken place, as opposed to the nonsense that goes down on FB where people trash breeders that they don’t know and have never engaged with in ANY business transaction.

The system here is working. Let’s not lobby to change it.


I was just asking if anyone had the same issue with a certain seller lmaooo How is that drama? Yall seem so uptight lol. Btw the Seller had ok reviews and is a “premium member” so the problem I had shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I talked to some mediators on here and they agreed that what the seller was doing was wrong. My bank gave me a refund and I got 2 snakes from someone else.


Thank you for replying with info and informing me I appreciate it

I never said that your specific issue brought drama here. What I said was that if the forum was opened up to inquiries on specific breeders, then drama would most likely follow.


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