Buying a BP from new seller. How to be safe?

So I am looking at buying a new BP that is for sale on here. However the buyer is a new member with zero feed back. Is there a safe way to pull this off?

I definitely understand your hesitation, it can be tough to gauge new people in the hobby. That said, there are plenty of lesser known breeders and breeders just getting started who are worth a shot.

My advice would be to shoot them a message, ask some questions, just get a general feel for their language and conduct. After that, maybe do a Google search for their name/business and see if anything comes up? Overall I think the most important thing would be to assess the animal in their photos, usually that can clue you in to how attentive they are to their collection, and how well everything is cared for. Good luck, wishing you the best!


Contact him and ask the right questions get a feel for the person, do a search on social media look at their profile, ask if they have reference, people that can vouch for them, while there are more and more people selling all the time, people make connections online, forum, shows, and a lot of people know each others or have hear about one another.


In addition to doing all you can to verify the seller I’d pay with standard paypal to utilize buyer protection. If the seller is an outright scammer you shouldn’t have any issues getting a quick refund from paypal.


Here’s a good post on it. The link is a little outdated, since the Board of Inquiry is now closed to non-paying members, but there are plenty of other places to get feedback and reviews. If there isn’t anything on MorphMarket you can try a google search. A lot of sellers also have accounts on Instagram or Facebook.

I’m agreeing with everyone else on here.

I would contact them if you haven’t already about the animal in question.

You can ask general questions like how it is being kept…
Bedding, what it is currently eating, temps… just basic stuff. These are answers you should already expect before you ask.
This way, if they come back with an answer you don’t think is correct, then that gives you something to go on.
Then just go from there.

Not a lot else you can do really.

There are people who will screw you, sure.
But, most people are good as a majority. :slight_smile:

I had to hunt down my original post, but I think a block of this could be very helpful for you!


Check Instagram and Facebook. I believe in giving someone a chance.

I’m surprised no one has cited our “How to Research Sellers” article.

Also related, is our fraud article.

It’s not clear if the seller you’re referring to is labeled a new seller, or they just have zero ratings. There’s a difference.

Someone who’s labeled a new seller has literally been selling on our site less than a month. These folks can sometimes sound nice and intelligent on the phone, and they still be a scammer. That chance is lessened once they’ve been selling for a while and that label goes away.