Calico - Review - Rat Snakes [DONE]

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Species: Pantherophis Grey and Black rat snakes
Name of Gene: Calico, or Calico Cow Sucker
First produced by whom: Will Bird from wild caught snake
Year First Produced: 2008-07-01 earliest record I could find
**Genetics Type Recessive
In complex with other genes?: no
Other names/aliases for it?: Calico, Or Calico Cow Sucker
Description: Hatches out yellow like an albino, but starts to get black specks around 6 months old. the specks red and orange also starts to appear slowly. As adults they have many speckles with high concentrations on the head

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head: A thick patch of dark speckls as adults
  • Body: Saddles are yellow, but the speckles are throughout the body
  • Belly: Off white without pattern
  • Tail: The tail seems to get more reds and oranges, but still has the black speckles also

Proven Lines: These gene has been in captivity since at least 2008, and many breeders are working with it
Related Genes: no related genes so far

Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? The breed lines have been outcrossed and reproduced, and white sided gene combos have been talked about
Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? This is a well established morph, but it needs to be updated to be listed as a recessive gene.

Problems: Any problems? The Chinese Beauty Rat Snake Also has a gene called Calico. This has let MorphMarket users list Calico Black and Grey Snakes so far, but it does not sully support the sell of Het Calicos
History: The history behind its discovery? SerpenTrack Specimen Details Not too much documentation has been found, but this is the oldest record I could fine
Disagreement or Controversy: whether the first wild calico was a grey rat snake or a black rat snake. Basted on location it was likely a grey rat snake, and most outcrossings have produced offspring that look more like grey rat snakes.
References here on the community: has been sold on MorphMarket since the start of MorphMarket


I did hear that lemon is getting test bred to see if it is alilic with calico. that test breeding is more than a year away, but I am eager to hear how it goes.

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