Can anyone help me identify the morph of my snake


Do you know the pairing? Without knowing the pairing my initial thoughts are the top is a normal and the bottom looks like a pewter. For a more accurate ID we need the pairing and pictures of the bellies, heads, a close up , and in different lighting. :grinning:


Here is a link to a wonderful resource provided by one of our members, @wreckroomsnakes.
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Better pictures would help but the top looks like a normal and the bottom looks like a cinnamon. Are they being housed together?

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Agree on the normal, and I think you’re right on the cinnamon, but it looks like a pewter to me.


This☝️In agreement!


It’s a pewter I got told in yes they are housed together

I will get better pics after work

I could tell cinnamon but wasn’t sure if there were any other morphs.

Ball pythons should not be housed together, especially ones with that much size difference. Cannibalism is very possible and it is much easier to house them separately and have them be healthier than have them together and risk feeding mistakes or injury. You were likely good intended but there is a ton of misinformation out there and some pet stores advocate cohabitation just so they can sell more snakes.


They have been housed together sense day one I got them they feed in separate tanks though and I have done a lot of research on ball pythons in a lot of people very on the housing

I have yet to find any research suggesting housing ball pythons together is beneficial or advisable. Even if one were to attempt it, it should be in a much, much bigger enclosure with more hides and space as ball pythons will compete for resources such as favored hides, basking spots, etc.
Moving to feed also isn’t ideal, you’d be much better off separating them in their own appropriate enclosures and feeding them in the enclosures.


I’m not here about how to house my snakes I have a giant tank for them with hides in everything I just took the pic like this to ask about the type Morph I have

The reason we are saying this stuff is because we have the best interest for the snakes in mind, and housing two snakes of that size difference is not a good plan. From the looks of the picture, the tank is not “giant”, just large. You would need bigger than any commercial tank available for proper space to be given. Do you know 100% what sex they both are as well?


I get it, its annoying to have others telling you what to do when that isnt what you asked. Keep in mind many of those here have been in the hoby a long time and have for more experience than 5 minutes on google. Nobody is trying to attack you, they have a love for the animals and just want to ensure they are OK. Ball pythons arent fans of Cohab. If you want animals that look awesome and actually prefer cohab, look up some garter snake morphs. They are everywhere near me, but some of the morphs in the hobby has me envious.

At the end of the day, we cant make you do anything, and i appologize if it comes off as rude, but please consider the advice as you continue in the hobby. Its solid advice that people have been fighting against since forever.

All of that said, best of luck with whatever you choose.