Can this morph possibly be coral glow or normal banana

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So banana and coral glow are the same gene. It’s essentially a different line, as it was discovered around the same time by two different people I believe. So yes, your snake is a great looking banana/coral glow!


It’s definitely coral glow/banana (same thing), but I’m also maybe seeing something else in there as well that alters that pattern?? Not really sure what though.

What was it sold as?


He made a post a couple days ago, said it was sold as a banana. But I agree, could be something going on to make the pattern funky like that. Color looks very bright too, but I’m leaning towards that being the lighting


as @nswilkerson1 says. Yes maybe take some pictures in normal daylight lighting. it makes a lot of difference.
e.g. this is the same snake taken the same day but with different lighting, neither natural daylight.

Dont know if you can see the color difference, but you might see the contrast and brightness is different.
Nether are a true representation so I will have to take some more pictures in daylight.

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I bought the snake from a pet Smart it was labeled banana

Yes I do see a color difference a lil ima try and get some more pictures in normal lighting

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I’d say it’s a normal banana. I have a super dark banana that doesn’t freckle. Nothing else at play. Sometimes colors and pattern vary. It was sold as a banana only then I’d believe the person you bought it from.


Might be a pastel banana, I’m seeing a bit of white creeping up on the walls. But otherwise I’d say a regular banana as well unless you proved it out otherwise.

The downside with PetSmart (former employee here) is that they just would receive animals ordered on a replenish list in the computer. Yours would have been sold to them as a fancy ball python.
Sometimes the wholesale breeder will label the animal. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they label them wrong. If you’re lucky, someone that works there vaguely knows what the morphs are.
I personally snapped up a super snow leopard gecko that was sent to the store as regular snow. I’ve seen super hypo albino Leos come in as regulars as well.