Canadian looking for recommendations

Hello new to the group, I’ve owned boas for a while now and I’m looking to add retic to the collection only problem I’m having is breeders that will ship to Ontario, Canada. Any one out there that can help me? I’ve contacted a few breeders and one is looking Into shipping witch is awesome


Hi @murphy18 welcome to the community :blush:

Were not able to give you direct recommendations to breeders but we do have a few ways to help you find what your after.

Here is a Morphmap for Reticulated Pythons breeders to help you find breeders close to you: Retic Morphmap

Here is a list of Reticulated Pythons for sale that can be shipped to Canada: Retics to Canada

I would suggest contacting Garrett Hartle

I’ve contacted bob before and I’m sure he will
Only ship to Canada on min order of $1500 not sure if I want to spend that kind of money on my first retic but I’ll email him again

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I’ve contacted garret before and he does not ship to Canada, it I’ll try him out again see if things have changed

Best of luck :grin: don’t forget to show of what you get no matter where it’s from.

Chances are if you want a true dwarf retic that is going to stay under 13 feet, you will need to pay around $1500. True dwarf retics are not cheap, and if you get one that is only part dwarf, chances are it will get really big. If you don’t wanna shell out that much money on a snake just because you don’t want it to get big, don’t get a retic. There are other pythons that get big, but not as big as a retic.

Just found a few breeders selling 85% dwarf purple albino for $800-$1000 I don’t mind a snake that will get up 15ft I just don’t want one that gets in to the 20+ foot

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While he may not ship, I figured that since he is THE name for dwarf stuff here in the US he might be able to point you to someone up there that might be able to help you out

Make sure to get a male if you want it to stay smaller too.

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There are plenty of super dwarf and dwarf retics for way less than 1500. And even 50% dwarf or super dwarf can stay smaller than 13 foot. There’s plenty of mainlands that stay smaller than that.

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You can get one for less, however if they are having it shipped from another country to Canada, the shipping is going to be a pretty penny. The dwarf/super dwarf retics I see for cheap are usually only 25% dwarf. Even the breeders say they will get 16-18 feet. They could potentially get bigger than that.

Shipping to Canada from the us I’m sure is pricey. But there are plenty of 50% retics 500 and under. And also the girth of a 12 foot 50% super dwarf is much smaller than a mainland. If you see one in person or own one they are not as big of a snake as you would expect.

I only seen a handful of dwarf retics on the market for $500 or less (unless you look in the EU market, a lot of em there for cheap, but a whole other level of shipping cost). I have handled retics in person, and I know they seem smaller than they actually are, but that doesn’t change the fact that a snake that long needs a large enclosure. The dude also said he wants one 15 feet or under. If you want anything more than a normal colored one, it will cost a lot more too.

I disagree the may not always be readily available but they are out there. I have a four year old pair a female tiger 50% sd and male 62.5 sd 12.5 dwarf platinum tiger het anery I paid less than 1500 for both of them shipped from two separate breeders.

I don’t mean what may or may not be on the market in the future. I mean what is available right now. Like the animals that are currently for sale.

I am looking around and contacting a few breeders, I will let you know if any of em will be willing to ship to you for a reasonable amount.

I know I’m late to the discussion but I have heard of retics that are over 80% dwarf that get up to 18 foot. Just thought I’d throw that out there

You have to really feed a mainland to even get it to that size. Bob Clark who has a lot of retics lol said that he doesn’t have many mainland males much bigger than 10 foot. Slither inc who also breeds a lot of retics has female mainlands breeding and fully grown at 10 foot. Feeding schedule and prey size has a huge effect of retic growth and size.


Found a breeder here in Ontario actually a few and one in Montreal.
I ended up going with a 62.5% sd lavender albino Kalatoa blood line .
There is a breeder in Montreal that has purple albinos at 85% sd
Both breeders said females will max out from 10-12 they both showed me pictures of their females.
I’ve also done a lot reading and YouTube videos and most all say you really need to power feed your retcis to get them to a huge size and you usually end up shorting the life span of the snake when you power feed

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