Cappuccino, Frappaccino, Melanistic Crested Geckos

Never enough! I told myself I would stop like 10 reptiles ago. And I’m still goin. Only problem with reptiles is you can’t have all of them. :joy:


Beautiful geckos. Can’t wait to see what you end up with. Really digging that Frappuccino. And that melanistic is wild.

I don’t either, but you can click on a few images before it stops you :joy:

They’re not even pinstripes that’s the thing.
And that’s what I said above!
Some of them aren’t that dark that the founders have too, some are lighter and tiger like, it’s that group though that’s started it all off, but if that’s the case then I myself have some too and have produced them, again not saying I do. But that baby above I have produced a lot of exactly like it. And that Lily above, I have seen a lot like that for sale, it’s also quite different to the ones Korea has produced.
It’s a bit strange. The breeder in Korea called it the cappuccino line. So maybe that’s that in Korea where are it’s different here and or us. As they look like charcoals with little bits of white or yellow as above. So Infact charcoals may be able to help produce Mels if put to the right other morph?….
I wanted a male charcoal for zombie as she’s grey and yellow and I was curious what would happen there. Maybe we all need a charcoal in our Crestie groups as that’s what the group above looks like to me :sweat_smile:
Who knows though, it’s all very new (November last year was the first one produced)


Haha I know!
It’s Crestie overload here now :sweat_smile:
As well as the other reptiles also.
They’re addictive, and I love them all, so much so my family thinks I’m weird :rofl:


I’ve happily embraced the weird and unselfconsciously share all the pics and cute videos with friends and family if they wanna see it or not. Hahahah. Least I found this community of likeminded people. So I don’t need to bury others in ridiculous amounts of my “crazy”. :joy:


Omg I’m the same!
Luckily my Nan is first to comment saying how cute they are, she thinks they’re all cool, she even came to collect Blaze my royal with me so she could see and hold him haha. My mum said ‘nope’ when I showed her my new spider, my Nan thought he was adorable :joy:
Yeah this forum is amazing, everyone accepts you for who you are, and we all love sharing our pics of our ‘cute’ scaly babies :grin:


OMG this morph makes no sense to me :pensive:

So, if I’m correct, the group in Korea don’t know the lineage of there cappuccino’s because they said lineage is to be confirmed. Charcoal have lighter heads then the body and still have good head structure therefore it is a different morph, but they are of similar morphs in respect of darkness.

But basically, from what I gather.
If your Crestie hasn’t come from the Korea group then it cannot be charcoal!

Am I correct? Or is every dark base Pinstripe or dash pin with cream/white clased as a cappuccino, meaning anyone can make the melanistic if paired to another dark base with cream/white?

Sorry for all the questions, I just can’t stand not understanding Crestie morphs.

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You are not crazy, just passionate :grin:

Without this forum, I’d have only my hubby to talk to as I don’t know anyone near me who keeps reptiles, or doesn’t think I’m crazy for keeping so many.
So I’m grateful :relaxed:

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From what I know charcoal is actually from America not Korea.
The Korean breeders cappuccino breeders just appear to be charcoals with the added white/yellow. Maybe they’re even a different line of charcoal?
And yes unless you get a charcoal from known charcoals you can’t call them a charcoal, even if you produce the exact same gecko, you’d probably have to email the founder of them showing them, and let them decide? Just like the bubblegum pink line in tangerines you can’t call it that as that’s ac reptiles line, so you have to rename (I spoke to him about this back along) even though really it all started as a strange mutation that proved out meaning they can pop up anywhere! Someone just claimed and named it.

Also cappuccino have very tiny minimal crests when produced as you can see above, so in that case they’re also different.


Yes I knew charcoal hadn’t come from Korea. I watched a YouTube video (dav Kaufman).

Also I believe the founders of charcoal had bred charcoal to charcoal with no melanistic (or similar) appearance.

I meant I assume cappuccino is like charcoal and can’t be identified as cappuccino unless came from the original line in Korea!

I think I’m confusing myself with this now :crazy_face::upside_down_face:


Yeah, though that video also tells you they’re line bred. Not something I’d personally do myself but I know a lot of people do still.

Ah right, yeah you said it confusing haha. But,
Yes that’s right, you need to have for it from original line. And if not directly from Korea itself, you’ll need proof etc.

Maybe we’ll hatch some random cresties one day we can name ourselves :star_struck:
How cool would that be! :laughing:


That would be amazing. I’m not too worried about the naming part, but hatching something that no one else has, now that would be awesome :star_struck:


i am reptile city korea… the name cappuccino was given by me BEFORE i produced the first melanistic. There is a lot of wrong information being given out there, even on this thread there is misinformation. The picture of the original group is not correct. They were produced by me and have gone on to produce RCK mels but they are not the original group of capps. I have actually been unknowingly outbreeding capps for several years so we have a large and diverse gene pool with no need to inbreed animals. Because it takes time (several generations) to confirm certain things surrounding a new morph, i have been reluctant to put a lot of stuff out there but this has created a vacuum filled with totally wrong info. I hope to rectify this soon by putting together a fact sheet (although i only have instagram to post it to) but until then people can check my IG feed at city.reptile or they can also visit @tennyscrestedgeckos as he has put together a nice timeline of our project.


Also i would mention that the Frappuccino in Eriks original post is actually a triple gene phenotype as it is a Phantom Frappuccino (phantom + Cappuccino + Lilly). It is still young but if you look at my IG feed you will see one that is a bit bigger and colored out more. I also have pics of double gene frapps.


Welcome to the community and thank you so much for joining this discussion.

I have a few questions, I hope you don’t mind? I’ve looked on the website, YouTube link and lil monsters Foundation guide (I don’t have IG) but I cannot get any info regarding my questions.

The melanistic geckos look amazing :star_struck: the eyes are super awesome. what is the oldest melanistic you have?

What is a Cappuccino gecko? I know you named it, but other than small head structure I am struggling to see a difference compared to a non Cappuccino Crestie.

You’ve worked really hard on your collection with outbreeding and producing the melanistic line, how long did it take you to realise the Cappuccino line and what it could produce?

The Cappuccino you have used to breed the melanistic looks very different to the one up top. Will all cappuccino’s be able to produce melanistic or if it just certain Cappuccino geckos?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m very curious and love learning about morphs

i am not much on social media as my day is very long with work and simply do not have the time and patience required. i have a lot of info on my instagram and it only takes a second to open an account and search for city.reptile however if you do not want to do that you can go to @tennyscrestedgeckos to answer many of your questions. If for some reason you are unable to do either one of those then i will be putting together a small article that will hopefully answer at least some of the questions that are out there. Now that the season is winding down i will hopefully have more time to put something together for those interested in this incomplete dominant morph.

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I do not have IG or social media for personal reasons and I cannot seem to find the info on tennyscrestedgeckos.

I shall wait for your article.

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I was just about to come on and update as Reptile City messaged me privately!

It’s a pain when sites are showing Misinformation, especially when I’m one of these that like to research a lot too. Especially with crested geckos! As I know @foxreptile does also! Call us obsessed if you will :sweat_smile:
There are multiple pages saying they’re your breeders, there’s also a lot of other pages and info about along with pics. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I too look forward to reading the article containing all the “Correct” information about these guys, I would love to add these to my projects in the future when they’re around more that’s for sure!

If you’re not too busy feel free to share images of your lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh and a big welcome @reptilecitykorea.
Glad to have you here :grin:

i fully understand the frustration. I have tried to put some of the rumors to bed on my instagram but until now that is the only platform i use. I came to this forum because i was asked my opinion on a capp that was being offered for sale and i saw this thread. People always message me with rumors such as RCK mels are unable to pip and must be cut out of the egg. Totally wrong so i posted pics of hatchings as well as a video. I realize an informative article with pics is much needed and will work on putting one together but the project is a work in progress and we still have much to learn.