Captive bred California Lyre snakes

So I’m curious if anyone here is working with lyre snakes. I just received 2 cb babies from a friend after having wanted some for years. They are awesome and I’m very excited to start this project. I’ve named them Spicyboi and Hotsauce. The female doesn’t care for me much right now, but I’m not too worried about that.
So if anyone else is working with them I’d love to hear from you and maybe you could drop a picture or two.

The first 4 pictures are the female and last 4 are the male.


@thebeardedherper is the male lighter than the female? Both are gorgeous!

They’re both about the same. But the head patterns are a little different. Two of the photos are actually out of order. The male…

The female…


Some updated pics of Hotsauce (the female)

Only took one of Spicyboi (the male) as he is in blue.


Was so happy that they took their first frozen/thawed meals for me this week. I can’t post feeding pics so I’ll just share a photo of Hotsauce in her new micro-terrarium. I’m going to redo this with another container soon as this was a cheap one from Burlington and it’s not as clear as I’d like (note the blur). But the substrate was the main experiment here. I used natural red desert sand and mixed in some clay powder used for making seed bombs. Wet it just a little and let it dry to make a hard packed sandy surface much like the desert floor. Worked out beautifully, but I found out that a little clay powder goes a long way. I put too much in at first and had to dilute down. There was about 3-4 oz of clay powder to about 4 lbs of sand.


I love these guys and I really can’t wait to see your updates on them as they grow.


Spicyboi just finished his second shed with me.


I assume you named him that cause Boi got some attitude?

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Yes they both have a bit of attitude and since they’re mildly venomous I thought it fit. Though he is fairly easy going after about a minute of handling. The female is much more feisty lol.


What is it about female colubrids and attitude problems? All of my girls always wanna take a swing (except for one who can’t be bothered to be mad at anything) and every single one of my boys have the best personalities. Could almost tell gender by level of attitude problems lol

I’m about 50/50. My kingdurans and jungles and California kings the females are the easy ones. My corns and and gopher/corns and pure gophers the males are the easy ones.

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Ah see I got corns and it’s the same, boys are good girls out for blood.

All sass this one…


These little ones are really cute. I can’t find much on the venom outside of medically insignificant.

Do you have a link? I’m going to keep searching for it. I like reading about venoms of the RFV animals and how they surprise us (see 3FT boiga, etc).

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I don’t have any links offhand, but I do know there have been 1 or 2 cases of people reacting badly to bites with no apparent allergic reaction. One of them I remember they said the snake was latched on and chewing for several minutes so it may have to do with the amount of venom the women was exposed to.

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Couple of stills. This is Spicyboi btw…


Haven’t seen him in awhile looks to be in good health and fiesty as ever :joy:

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I’m so glad to see your making more videos. :blush:
And I love how YouTube videos play in the comments on here.

Such a cool snake :grin:

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@eaglereptiles thanks, I’m definitely trying to get better at putting up videos. I’m not good at coming up with a script which is most of them are just music for sound lol. In certainly open to topic suggestions.

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