Caramel Albino

So this may have been a topic, if so I missed it. I know Caramel is not a huge favorite anymore. Has anyone tried strengthening the gene? What I mean is does Caramel lack the kinking when other genes are present with it.

This is my goal but I don’t want to waste the years if someone has experimented already.

What do you think?

It seems het to het breeding results in no defects. Also males that are visuals don’t seem to have any issues. Females also tend to lay infertile clutches. Adding extra genes doesn’t seem to have any positive impact.Some breeders have had success but not enough to invest time into a project unless it’s more of a personal project. Ultramel doesn’t have any of these issues. Me personally I would go this route.


Adding genes had never made a difference in mutations that have known issued.

The majority of people that want to work with similar colors have switched to Ultramel because of the fertility and defect issues in caramel, now even if you were lucky enough to produce some perfect animals, and some do ask yourself this

Is it worth the risk to produce some deformed animals?

Is there a market for the perfect animals that would be produced knowing that most people have abandoned the project long ago?

Personally when I breed I know that there is always a risk and not every animal will hatched out or even hatch out perfectly however I chose not to try to produce animals that have higher/known chances of producing animal with physical deformities.

I believe that it is a dead project and that the caramel market will never be where it onced used to be.

I am sure when you ask yourself those question you will find the right answer when it comes to your future projects.


Valid points from both. Thank you very much. I will think about it, I’m just a sucker for the caramel gene. I do really like the ultramel gene but have already invested into caramels and unfortunately I’m not sure I can turn them around as quickly.

Thanks again

I heard that some lines of caramel have no kinkying and there are 5 or more lines, thus this procid ?

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