Carousel Images... Would it look nicer?

At the minute when someone posts a bunch of images it takes up a large amount of space, which I think discourages people that want to show off whole groups and collections of animals and also those that wish to read the comments between.

This is a plugin that puts all the pictures uploaded at one time into a sliding “carousel” like the picture below shows, with the arrows taking you to the next image. In the exact same way it works when viewing multiple images on the market.

I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions :blush: especially @john as it will likely be him doing the messy work :yum:


Could you still put individual likes or comments to that photo? Just wondering not that important.


Good question.
At the minute when someone posts multiple pictures in one comment you can only like the comment as a whole, not each image individually.


Argh, wish they had a link to a demo, didn’t see that.

There is a video near the top of the link that shows it in motion.


I think its fine either way. Pictures never stop me from scrolling through a feed. If that’s the concern I’d say put in the option to title your replies and then only show the title with a drop down option.

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This is already a function :wink:

If you click on the little cog at the top of the typing panel it will bring up these options


“Hide Details” gives you a drop down button that you can use to hide text/images like this…

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To take this one further, you can even add drop downs inside of drop down to make it even more organized…

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Ball Pythons

Salvadoris monitor

I wish! :weary:


I just want to add that this will not replace the current way off pictures showing up. It will just add a option to display them either ‘static’ (as it is now), ‘carousel’ (example above) and/or ‘tile’ (shows them in a grid).

Any can be used and you can even use multiple layouts in one comment like this example that uses both grid and carousel…

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