MRC Changelog

After seeing @westridge ask for a changelog of genetic updates over here I thought it would be nice to keep everyone up to date with changes we are making here on the forum.

So as some may have seen we added the Carousel Images component a few days ago.

You may also have noticed social links on the header bar…

These will take you to MorphMarkets Facebook and Instagram, where we will soon see content from here promoted more often.

You will also see a new footer at the very bottom of your screen with useful quick links to various parts of the MorphMarket universe…

As more things are updated I will add them here.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions on visual changes feel free to drop them here. :blush:

TLDR Changelog:

Dec 2020:

  • Slick Image Gallery
  • Easy responsive footer
  • Custom header link icons

Jan 2021:

  • User card directory.
  • “Website” changed to “MorphMarket Store”.
  • Added social fields.
  • Added featured Image Tiles
  • Added Hovering Videos

Feb 2021:

  • Badges on post (retracted until fixed)
  • Added links to menu
  • added GIFs

Mar 2021:

  • Added new user tab
  • Message Bubbles

Apr 2021:

  • New logo.
  • MM Spinner

May 2021

  • Topic Layout Changes
  • Added “Portfolio” image feeds to user profiles.

Jul 2021:

  • Updated Featured Tiles - Cleaner on both mobile and desktop.

Aug 2021:

  • Added fun tag icons.

Sep 2021:

  • Added Grid Gallery

Dec 2021:

  • Added Subforums for majority of Categories.

Feb 2022:

  • Added Invert Subforums
  • Colourful Categories

March 2022

  • Added Morphpedia and MorphMarket Events icons to header.

April 2022

  • New MRC Badges

October 2022

  • Usark logo fixed on category page.
  • Theme selector added to hamburger menu
  • Gallery View theme added

November 2022

  • Usark logo fixed on category page.
  • Morphpedia icon on header changed from dna to book
  • Added MorphMarket Support icon to header
  • Rounded image corners

March 2023

  • Member Statuses
  • New Menu/Sidebar
  • Colour Schemes
  • Testing of the new Discourse Chat feature

April 2023

  • Navigation Bar
  • MRC Channels
  • Clean up Footer
  • Table Editor added to in Topic/Comment creator.
  • Font Awesome icons can now be used in Topic/Comment creator using [wrap=icon id=ICON-NAME][/wrap], like the “cog” above.

August 2023

  • ColdBlooded link added to the header, making it easier to enter the weekly giveaways.
  • Visually harsh category and tag colours replaced with calmer ones.
  • Easy Edit Sidebar Cats and Tags
  • New loading indicator
  • Image grid-view
  • Updated tagging styles for categories, tags, and chat channels
  • Option to merge topics chronologically

September 2023

  • Text colour and background
  • MorphMarket sidebar
  • Transparent header
  • Image Comparison Slider

October 2023

  • Withdrew the coloured text component for a moment.

  • Added the ability to upload videos directly using the icon in the composer, which can also include a “poster image” and subtitles file


By the way, it’s a good time for me to share that Thomas has been promoted to Admin-Moderator! I don’t have to explain why. :slight_smile:


A little bug fix.

The header bar should now take desktop users to desktop versions (www.) of the Facebook and Instagram pages rather than the mobile page (m.).

Also added a shopping basket that will take you directly to the MorphMarket Marketplace.
(The icon for this will likely change)



Way to go Thomas, we have wanted to do this for a good while!


Now you will also see a t-shirt on the header that leads to the MorphMarket merchandise store.

Also I would like to know what everyone prefers as a icon for the marketplace?

Shopping cart


Store front

  • Shopping cart
  • Store front

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At the rate he is rising, you might have to worry about him taking your job away from you @john LOL


Last update for today, I swear.

Social media links have been moved to the footer to stop the header becoming overcrowded on mobile.

This also allows us to add Twitter and YouTube links.


A few more upgrades.

  1. user card directory.

The User list has upgraded from the simple list to a detailed “user card style” layout.
This includes social links on each card… See 3) on how to add them.

  1. The “website” field on user profiles has now been changed to “MorphMarket Store”.
    This is to keep your store easily findable.
    Any current non MorphMarket Store URL you have there should be moved to the correct field… (See 3))

  2. Social Fields added.
    You can now add social links to your profile to make it easier for other users to find.
    To do so, head to your “profile preferences” page in your settings…

These will then show up on your user card …

If you have any issues or questions please let me know.


New updates!


Firstly, there is a new optional theme that you can choose named “Morph”.
This isn’t really a big change for users that use the “dark” theme already.
The most noticeable differences being:
Rounded buttons SmartSelect_20210125-203132_ChromeSmartSelect_20210125-194343_Chrome
Darker tones. White, grey and black used throughout to match MorphMarkets scheme.

To apply this theme, head over to your profile by clicking your profile picture in the top right.
Click the little user icon (SmartSelect_20210125-194917_Chrome ) and select “preferences” → “interface” →"theme".

Secondly, hovering videos.

Now when someone posts a video in a thread, you can click this little icon in the top right corner of the video player…

And it will pop up as this little box in the corner of your screen… SmartSelect_20210125-195348_Chrome

This allows you to continue browsing any part of the forum you wish while still watching the video. This is a perfect way to spend your date with Dr Travis Wyman.

There is known issues beyond my powers to address with this.

  • If you switch the side of the screen that the pop-up player sits while watching a video, it will restart the video.

  • You must press play before leaving the source topic

The third and biggest change is the new “featured tiles” across the top of the latest page.



I have gone back and added around 100 past posts that fit this criteria so that we have something to look at.

If you don’t see any of these changes (remember, you need to manually opt-in to the “Morph” theme), please completely close the site and reopen it.

If you have any issues, questions or feedback please feel free to drop them below.


Thomas, in particular, I love the featured tiles, as well as the Carousel images update you made not long ago. :ok_hand: :heart: :muscle:



Badges now show up next to a users name on posts!

The hamburger menu ( SmartSelect_20210216-005023_Chrome ) now has a few extra links.


I love seeing these little updates because it allows me to know what’s new and work with myself!! :heart:


The badges next to the name don’t show up for me for some reason. It’s just like it was before without the badges.
Google Chrome version: 85.0.4183.133 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I have disabled the badge component until I can stop the flickering… Or find a better version all together.



GIFs can now be found using the button in the composer…

The Reptile Relief Fund Auctions can be found quickly on the hamburger menu.



This is mainly for users that are also Sellers on MorphMarket, though it can be used by anyone.
There is now a new tab in your user menu that has several useful links to your store


@staff Members will also find extra buttons here to make navigation easier.

That is all, enjoy!

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Minor update.

Private messages now have “bubbles”, to make it easier to see if you are replying to a private or public conversation.


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A small but extremely nice update!

We have our own logo!

Thank you @john


It is so slick

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New loading spinner!