'Clean' dwarf localities: do they exist?

My ideal boa has clean & crisp pattern, bold color, and nice color as an adult. This is why I haven’t kept dwarf localities. Post your pics if you think you can prove me wrong :sunglasses:

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I’m unsure of total size, but the first thing that came to mind was Peruvian Longicauda. Not all are created equal, but the stunners out there fit your bill. Photo attached is NOT mine, as much as I wish it were!


I’ve considered longicauda. It isn’t a ‘true’ dwarf, attaining 7’ and I’ve seen pics of an 8’ female, but I love the crisp contrast. :+1:

Probably not what your looking for but some of the little Mexican boas like the Tarahumara and Tamaulipas are about as dwarfish as it gets they max out around 3-4 feet image


@calebsnakes yeah, that’s the rub. I think the size could be ideal but they’re always so ‘dirty’. I haven’t seen one yet that doesn’t look like somebody was seasoning a stew :roll_eyes:.

Yea I think some are cleaner then others. sometimes I like the muddy look on them anyway. but I feel ya vin Russo usually has some lookers thanks to selective breeding http://www.cuttingedgeherp.com/mexicanboas.html