Cleaning day photos(ball pythons)

Just wanted to share some pictures of some of my ball pythons.


They’re all gorgeous!
Especially morph1: soulsucker! (Hope I’m right)
Can I ask what the 4th pic is?
I’m gonna guess it’s got hgw, but I’m probably wrong… And, is that a crystal a spot among them?
That’s another morph I’d like to own…
All in all a really nice collection. :nerd_face::+1:


@jes3721 Yes it is kinda lol. It’s a soul sucker yellowbelly I hatched in 2019! Yellowbelly is tough to identify in the soul sucker combo. It basically reduces the pattern and lifts it up. If that makes any sense. Number 4 I can see why you would think it’s a hgw combo. But that’s actually a butter cypress. And yes there is a crystal(mojave special) in there that I hatched in 2020. Her sire was a crystal male who is my oldest ball python at 11 years old. I have a lot more ball pythons but wasn’t trying to dump pictures of them all lol.


See, that’s why I also want some cypress as well!
They look amazing!
What I want out of a cypress is a cypress mojave spider, I saw a few on the market and my jaw dropped.
Now theres another cypress combo on the list.
I can see what you mean about the yellow belly, My Macchiato’s little doughnuts are open and a few have drag lines compared to yours.
And at least I got the crystal right though.:wink:


@jes3721 Wouldn’t recommend cypress spider. I love both morphs but together they are a trainwreck. I haven’t hatched any I just got my cypress Male a couple months ago. But a very good friend of mine hatched two of them. And they are pretty wonky to say the least. I love crystals! The special gene makes a lot of nice stuff with the other bel complex genes! Super special is a personal favorite of mine. I plan to do cypress arroyo in the not to distant future. Look at the Rios I think that’s something you would like as well!

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When you say wonky, do you they had, bad head wobble, or you didn’t like the pattern?
If it’s the wobble, then I may have to give it some more thought.
As for special, I’ve seen it’s super, and i agree, it is quite fetching. :wink:

Severe wobble I’m afraid.

Oh, that’s a real shame then.
Thanks for telling me.
Better to face a bit of disappointment like that, then some real tough decisions later.

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I just picked up my first snake I bought off of MorphMarket today at FedEx! He’s a grown Lesser I got for my 2044 gram Mojave female to start a BEL program. I got him from Wet Pet and Reptile in Maryland. Thanks Brian O’Neill for the beautiful snake!


images here
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Great pics @saleengrinch!!
Cleaning day is tomorrow for me, glad I only have 5 snakes and a tank of ASFs lol. Doesn’t take me long!


I love cleaning day, it’s fun to take everyone out for a bit (but then again, I also only have 5)

Today was cleaning day for us as well, this picture of Mango looking like a fatty is the only one I managed to get as nobody else wanted to sit still for a picture


Gorgeous animals…Are they as picky as other Ball Pythons when it comes to sometimes going off food for long stretches? I stress when my Ball does it every now and then…I’d go crazy with that many Balls LOL.

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Ugh I need a big clown girl so bad by the end of the year :crossed_fingers: they get snatched up so fast!!

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I have some of them that eat better than others. Most males I that I have stop feeding during breeding.

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@chesterhf I wish I had a visual clown female. I have two het females that I hatched that are breeding this year.

@thecrawdfather I have 18.30 ball pythons so it takes some time lol. But I always enjoy it getting them out! Here’s my het clown male he’s not quite big enough to breed this year. I no longer have my visual male so trying to make a few nice possible het clowns this year. Here’s my male


My pied male is 50% het clown…if he were to somehow prove out it would definitely affect what I do in the next few years…but it’s so hard to find a 1k+ gram girl out there, they get snapped up so fast!!

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Yes it is!!! I always raise my gals up my self. When I replace a breeder female I usually have someone that has been waiting for it locally. So they are gone super fast for sure. Once you get rolling with a core group of females it doesn’t seem as long growing out your holdbacks. I have some amazing champagne combo females that will be ready next year! Can not wait!!!

That’s awesome!!! Congrats!!! My bel stuff I concentrate on making mystic potion and crystal stuff. And of course soul suckers!!!


And they’re so expensive! People are always trying to buy ready-to-breed female recessives in the winter and seem willing to pay an arm and a leg for them. I seriously considered a business strategy of trying to buy some pied/clown female hatchlings wholesale, raise them up to breeding size and then sell them.

My clown girl was already 400+g when I got her and now she’s close to 1500, although she somehow looks bigger than that. She’s just a thick girl


Have you done the math to see if its worth it? After feeding and housing would you make much of a profit?