Clown and clown combo thread!

So this thread is dedicated to clowns and clown combos! No one can argue that one can have too much clown, so show everyone your clowns whether you produced them yourself or bought them, would love to see what everybody shares!


It is the future!

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Agreed! It’s one of the few morphs that will retain its value well in the coming years.

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TSK Axanthic Clown stuff is absolutely absurd!!! Only JDC has them up right now and only 6 listed but they look insane!

I’m sure the other Axanthic lines could produce some wicked clown combos too but just from JDC’s 6 they have listed and the 4 total from other people off the VPI line I think the JDC ones are the cream of the crop so far.

Give it 2-3 years after the leopard clown stuff keeps exploding and more people run those through Axanthic that’s gonna be nuts.


I saw those and they are absolutely mental! Thatd be a future project for sure

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One that I cannot afford to instantly buy into! Lol!

Also side note I don’t know anyone at JDC but if those are the ones they’re letting go what are they holding on to :thinking::flushed::exploding_head:

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Itd be hard to beat that’s for sure!

Has anyone seen or produced a BEL Clown? I’m curious if there is any way to identify one. Thoughts?

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Can you make these? Just thinking you wouldn’t be able to visually see one?

It’s been done and you can use a black light for identification.


Some of the clowns I have produced in the past couple of years, a side project for me since my ultimate goal is really Leopard Clown Pieds not just clowns.

Banana Lemon Blast Clown

Banana Pinstripe Clown

Banana Pinstripe Clown (one of my twin girls)

Banana Clown

Super Pastel Lesser Clown
Pastel Lesser Clown
Lesser Clown
Pastel Clown


Single gene male


Poss. YB clown

Pastel Poss. Blade clown


Some of our work:

  1. Clown
  2. Butter Enchi Clown
  3. Butter Clown
  4. Enchi Clown

Not too much exciting stuff in the visual clowns. Most of the last season was future building- het clown stuff. Cg blade clown made here.


Cg hgw yb vanilla het clown. Maybe a few other things but fairly sure he hit those at the least.


Picked this little fella up 11 days ago, he’s been a trouble feeder from the start, assist fed most of his life, but breeder wouldn’t let me have him until he had 6 strike feeds in a row. The day after I got him he drop fed and on Monday he strike fed. Pastel Clown, named Sweet Pea :heart_eyes:


Two new new ones:

Killer butter clown 1.0
Killer clown 0.1


Super killer? :joy:

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0.1 clown (blade)

1.0 clown
The 0.1 I was told may have blade but I’m 100% sure what to look for other than reduced pattern and blushing on dorsal… she definitely has reduced pattern compared to male bug both have dorsal blushing so…I am a lil stumped…