Clown and clown combo thread!

2020 Black Head Mojave +++ Clown male post first shed.


2020 Black Head Pastel Clown female post first shed.


Pastel leopard clown


@jolan84 wow that’s clean. <3

Banana Mojave clown pos het hypo


i need some clown education, does it only effect the head stamp? or does it change color, tones, pattern ect?

It changes the whole pattern. Look at a normal BP and then look at a clown and it is pretty obvious.


From over at Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress) Part 2

3. Clown

Morph Encyclopedia: #0003

Thomas Eagle - Eagle Reptiles


Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

Base Morph Recessive


The first wild-caught Clown Ball Python had small dark tear markings beneath the eye that reminded Vida Preciosa International Inc, the original producer of the Clown, of tear drops often displayed by clowns, giving it the name.


Head: Compared to the clean dark head of a Normal Ball Python, the Clown is bright and busy, with markings showing above the lips, beneath the eyes and the crown of the head.

Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

Body: The Clown Ball Python has a hugely reduced pattern with a thick dark brown dorsal stripe and only slight banding from the “alien heads” of a Normal. Patterns are crisp and clean, with less spots and smudges showing.

Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

Belly: The belly of the Clown Ball Python is usually a clean with a yellow undertone running down the central scales and the outer edges showing faded spotting.

Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

Tail: The tail of the Clown Ball Python is usually dominated by the thick dark dorsal stripe.


Image from Shane Kinney at Shane Kinney Reptiles


  • Tear drops: Clowns usually show teardrop banding down their body, which can range in thickness and length.

Known Issues: N/A

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Clown and clown combo thread!

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Other images of Clown:

Image from unkn0vvn1221

Image from jones810975

Multiple Gene Clowns:

Pinstripe Clown

Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

Banana Clown

Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

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@thecrawdfather Yes sir she is. She doesn’t have a single drop coming down off her dorsal stripe and her colors are wonderful. She is the crown jewel of my collection. She was my first big investment and I’m so happy I got her. Thanks for noticing.



The last few are hets


My future pair! 1.0 pastel banana clown x 0.1 pastel clown


Just thought I would share a few of the Clown girls I have. Some of them still have a bit of growing up to do.

Spotnose Clown

Clown 66% Het Ghost

Lesser Batman Clown on Left and Mojave Clown Het Ghost on Right

Pastel Enchi Clown

Russo Clown


I really like the look of this one!!!


Were have you been hiding these gems? Lesser Batman clown has to be my favorite though! :fire::fuelpump::boom:


Thanks Shaun. Haven’t really been hiding them so much as just haven’t had a reason to show them off. I am really excited to get these girls grown up. I have some pretty nice male het clown combos to work with. I’ve got a GHI YB het, Red Stripe Fire het, Chocolate Enchi dbl het Clown/Ghost, Fire Leopard het Clown/50% het Pied. Should be pretty interesting down the road.


You got some very interesting options to say the least! My clown group is a bit lacking lol. All hets! I have a pastel spark het male and for females have lemon blast het, butter het, and a candino het. I bred two of the females this year but my male wasn’t up to siZe. So maybe some cool possible hets this year!

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And you don’t need a reason post pictures of them more often please lol

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Patience Grasshopper. Every Clown in everyone’s group started from a het. Stay the course and good things will come. Looking forward to seeing some great combos from you in the future…

I assure you I’m in no hurry lol. Clown is more of a side project for me. I hatched the female hets myself besides the candino. Sold my original clown male and then my het male is a slow grower lol. But I’m right there should produce visual combos next year.


My male OD Clown

And this girl is Pastel Het Clown

Hoping to get some Het clown het pieds next season.