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Hi there,

My first ever clutch hatched recently. I will paste photo’s below, starting with the Sire and Dam. The sire is a Pastel Clown Pied and the Dam is a Pastel Spotnose Clown. I know all will be Clown and 100% het Pied, however I could do with a bit of help regarding whether any of the Pastel offspring have Spotnose too. The three without Pastel all look like they are Spotnose - however I am happy to be educated if I am wrong.
The Sire (some old pics of when he was younger and a more recent one where he is in blue:

The Dam:

Now the hatchlings - Number 1:

Hatchling 2:

Hatchling 3:

Hatchling 4:

Hatchling 5:

Hatchling 6:

Finally Hatchling 7:

Apologies for all the pics, unfortunately I don’t have a pic of them all together, however hopefully someone can give me a steer in the right direction regarding the I.D’s - particularly with the Pastel ones.

Thanks in advance - Gav - Uraeuses…


@saleengrinch i think works with spotnose? So may have good help for you. Im just here to comment on #7, i know they are all het for pied, but he is HET for pied xD

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This year would be my first year producing spotnose I’m definitely not the guy for this clutch lol


Better pics with better lighting a going to be a huge help here. Spotnose with pastel in clown can be difficult to pic out being that there is a HUGE amount of vairiation in it. I can tell you #4 is def spotnose clown.

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Just a guess, and please correct me if I am wrong. And please do not use my guess as a way to list them, unless they are correct :joy:
1 Spot nose Clown
2 Pastel clown
3 Pastel clown
4 Pastel Spot nose clown
5 Pastel clown
6 Clown
7 Pastel clown het pied