Colubrids and blacklights!

Okay guys, I primarily keep ball pythons, but my past is riddled with various colubrids and when I discovered what salmon snows are, I HAD to get some!

Thanks to some recent YouTube videos, the idea of buying a blacklight for fun really made sense, especially since one of my ball pythons is a super Mojave possible black pastel. I really just wanted to see into the future if a blacklight would reveal what breeding will eventually have to. Unfortunately I did not succeed with the blacklight method here, she really doesn’t have a hidden pattern to reveal.

Anyhow, i went ahead and viewed all of my animals with this new blacklight, and much to my amazement, my salmon snow corn’s head lights up like a nuclear slime ooze of movie-inspired proportions!

My palmetto het snow, and my amel het palmetto, have zero reaction to the lighting at all.

So wild! Enjoy!

Anyone else have any radioactive colubrids?!


Ok, now I’ve gotta find my blacklight to check!


My blizzard corn is the same way, I bought a blacklight to use to look at my pet scorpion but tried it on the snakes for spits n giggles and he was the only one who lit up.

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This isn’t the same thing, but it’s still kind of interesting. This is a fungal dermatitis on a rescued boa we were treating