Complete novice

Hello all, I’m Dave I’m from Sunderland ( northeast england), I haven’t owned or even thought about owning a reptile until recently because a video about ball pythons came on my recommended list on youtube…So any advise would be much appreciated.


Any specific questions that come to mind? There’s a lot to know about owning any reptile but if there’s something in particular I’m sure we can help :slight_smile:

Also welcome to the community! Browse the forums and see what you can see. Never be afraid to ask questions. We are a friendly bunch with knowledge by the boatload.


I’ve watched an absolute boat load of videos on YouTube, like how to house, feed, temps thanks to predatorbp and also Brian braczyk ( I think that’s how you spell his last name


Oo uh so i dont agree with Brian barczyk.
Im not going to get into it. But im sure you can find out, if you looked at the controversy on him.
Snake discovery on youtube has a LOT of great information on snake care and keeping.
As well as goherping.
Thats where i found a lot of my information, but be sure to look many places. Do plenty of research and if you have any questions, be sure to ask! There are many helpful people here ive found.
Also facebook forums for the snake you’re interested in as well can give lot of information.


i have heard bits and pieces about the controversy but everyone is entitled to there opinion, ive been speaking to people on here quite a bit today

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I love everything Brian has done for the hobby talk about having an impact on others! He definitely has haters but that’s how you know you’re successful. I’m sure he’s not worried about anonymous commenters on YouTube and reddit.

Let’s not go into gossip and character defamation. Everyone is free to have their opinions, right or wrong.


Yes that is true.
But i do really recommend watching emily’s channel snake discovery. She gives amazing information. And if the reason my mother who is scared of snakes allowed me to get one. She has all sorts of videos, how tos, how to keep(or how she keeps), how to feed, even breed. Just loads of information

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Dont have my own only just got into keeping and im camrea shy as heck
I generally watch the first two theres a few new ones ive started to watch but I forget there names

Definitely agree about Emily with Snake Discovery. Shes my go to if I need to look something up. Good luck!