Congenital Defect in Crested Gecko

Ok so based on that, there is a slight concern imo - the 7% might be too high for a crestie, depending on how far away he is from the light (needs to be at least 12 inches above his basking spot through mesh to give correct readings for cresties (UVI 1 ±). They’ve made a shadedweller specifically for arboreal geckos like cresties that’ll give you proper readings between 2-6 inches through mesh - idk how far away he is from the light though, and how well he climbs, but I figured that could be a problem - theoretically d3 overdosing could cause similar symptoms to MBD, but from my understanding while you don’t need to supplement with d3 with proper UV, doing it still is very very unlikely to cause problems, you’d have to be giving insanely high amounts. Based on that and what you’ve explained I think it’s more likely that he’s either kind of growing into his deformities which makes them appear worse, or that something is wrong on the inside. That being said, eating and everything passing through is a very good sign, as long as that’s happening, he gets around ok, and he isn’t showing signs of being in pain, I wouldn’t be too worried


Ofc ofc. I don’t give the D3 constantly, as I got calcium without it since I got the Reptivite WITH D3, I didn’t wanna double whammy him there.

As for his light I have a muscle rack with all of my enclosures on it. I have the light fastened to the top of the shelf and away from the immediate top of his enclosure, I would say there is roughly 10 inches between them. He climbs moderately well but usually always settles himself into the most… awkward looking positions. His tail is also something of concern to me, he seems to have a lot more control over it than any other gecko I’ve had. He can fully curl it 360 degrees around branches ect ect. Reminds me of an opossum!

I’ll look into putting some more distance between his light and him. I’ll just have to break down my shelf again and put it up a few rungs higher.


that light distance should be fine. as long as it isn’t closer than that it should be fine.

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Yeah that distance should be fine as long as he isn’t sitting directly underneath the mesh 24/7; the 12 inches is from the light to the gecko’s back in what is intended to be the basking spot (: Maybe the tail-control is due to him adapting to his disability?


That poor lil fella.

I was hopefully that it wouldn’t get worse but it did :pensive:

Has he been seen by a vet?


You’re doing so good with him! If he’s acting like a typical gecko, showing no signs of very inhibited behavior, then I’d feel he has a good quality of life and it’s worth keeping him, until that is no longer the case. I’m glad he doesn’t seem to be in pain.