Corn Snake question

I live in Washington, have central heat/air. I keep my house about 74. ( I like it warm) can I keep corns at room temp? What about the kings. I have California kings, and they are found in the gorge which us much cooler most of the year then we are. None of them ever sit over the heat tape, which is set for 90

90 is a bit hot. I keep my adult corns set to 85 on the warm end, which also includes a random cal king in the mix in their rack. My racks are controlled by a herpstat 2 with the probes set outside the tubs on my upper shelves (heat rises). Room temp ranges from 67-75 during cooler months and 82 during summer, with night drop back into the low 70s.


Yea that 74F room temp is to chilly for Corn Snake. I got mine at around 83-86 if I recall correctly.


74 is fine for most of the enclosure, but they still need to have a warm spot of around 87.


As a corn breeder I keep everyone on 80 during the winter and 75 during the summer. I live in Texas and my apartment runs cold during the winter and hot during the summer. Even though it runs hot though I still keep heat on just in case. It’s always better safe than sorry. Especially if you have good AC during the summer!