Crazy times, sane purchase, lol New Snake! Share yours!

Crazy times Crazy purchase and Now there are three. LoL! In the past I have shared pictures of LiL Bruce Lee (Bamboo) and U.F.O. (Bamboo Leopard Pinstripe Pastel), both males. Well, here is Penny, the cutest sweetest thing, even in shed! She is a Baby Black head Cinnamon Mojave. Just got!
Everyone stay safe! Share your new snake!


I believe there is already a popular thread that asks for this same thing.

Here it is.


That looks amazing great addition you’ve got there! Bamboo is a really nice gene
I’ve picked two females up that I’m waiting to come in June!
Very excited for them

0.1 bongo fire het clown

0.1 super special

Very excited to get both of these projects on the go

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@royalforestpythons Wow both are amazing looking but that bongo fire :slight_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:! Amazing! It is like staring at a painting! Waiting is always the killer! Super exciting though! Good luck congrats!