Crested gecko morph ID please!

Hey guys! Just purchased this guy, and he’s really quite beautiful. To me, he looks like an extreme harlequin, with partial pin that’s slightly drippy. I’m new with identification though so I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks so much!!


Your crestie is amazing.

I’d say your crestie is a really nice drippy blonde harlequin. I wouldn’t class as an extreme as extremes usually have more patterning along the upper lateral area, including the neck area.

Would like to know @ghoulishcresties opinion though.

You say he, is there anything that makes you think he?


I’d say Drippy black and cream Harlequin! Instead of dark based harlequin, black and cream you usually say. I had. a couple myself and they are amazing. Regret selling I must say! :sweat_smile: But you can’t keep them all :weary:
And as @foxreptile said, said extreme would be a lot more coverage of the cream colour (patterning)! :grin:


What a fantastic crestie! Congrats on a great get!


Thank you so much everyone!! That’s extremely helpful :blush::blush: I’m very excited to have him. I’m just starting to learn all the genetics in anticipation of some breeding projects next year. I’m glad I found this forum!

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Oh, and he’s a proven breeder male haha


I only ask, because i can’t see any balls and usually they are VERY prominent in males.


I’m pretty sure you regret selling every crestie that you have sold :blush: I don’t blame you, you have nice cresties. I might be the same one day!

I love a dark base, esp with high white or cream :heart_eyes:

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Oh there’s a few alright… Starburst my Tangerine flame Dal with bright yellow back went to Mark at Retics and Reptiles. I regret selling her :joy:
But she’s going to his Flame lilywhite which does make sense since I didn’t have a decent male for her as I don’t have any flames etc Male wise.
He said I can have first pic is I want! I said I’ll take her back if he ever decides to sell her :rofl:

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OMG I forgot to say…Welcome to the community :grin:


Indeed, a Welcome is needed!
Feel free to make a thread and post up anymore reptiles you own! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your “he” kinda looks like a she :thinking:

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I agree, are you sure it’s not a proven female?

Guuuuyyysss… you’re embarrassing him. He’s very shy about his balls :joy::joy::joy::joy: it was just the way I was holding him lol.

Thank you everyone for being so welcoming !!

I’m very excited to be a part of the community :blush::blush:


I could see his balls it’s ok! :joy:
What’s his name? :blush:

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Yep, definitely a fella :sweat_smile:

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Bahahah it’s alright :joy::joy:

He doesn’t have a name yet. I just got him the other day! Still thinking on it haha.

I also have another little baby that I’m completely enamoured with. Both parents from AC reptiles citrus line I believe. What are your thoughts on this morph?

Obviously full pin, but other than that?

He’s this gorgeous orange/yellow colour


Yellow pinstripe.
That’s a beautiful little boy too :star_struck:
Have you got pics of parents? :blush:

Is it yellow like this or darker? If like my girl it’s a yellow. If darker it’s a blonde :blush:

I would say he’s probably a yellow. Here is a picture of the parents. He was produced by Rosmerereptiles here in Canada!

Your girl is gorgeous !!