Crested gecko stuck shed

Yes got some great advice. Thanks so much for the recommendation :+1: I’ll come here in the future.


Thank you :blush:
I never knew what morph she was haha just pretty. Harlequin extreme?

Well I’ve had my ball python for 12 years and Darby here for 8 so I’ve had good restraint. Although I’m always tempted to get more haha I have a small house and limited funds as I deal with health problems but my two reptiles give me great joy! I also have a dog, cat and horse that takes any extra money or time I find myself with :sweat_smile:
Wow that’s so many!! How do you remember who’s who lol

Even with a cap she was hungry for crickets last night. The little tongue!


Fair enough, horses and dogs take a fair amount of time, but are so soon cute. Ball pythons are awesome, we have several of them too approx 20 :relaxed: including our first babies :snake:

She looks so happy, despite her eyes lol yes she is an extreme harlequin (one of my favourite morphs)

Yes she’s an Extreme Harlequin with Dal spots :blush:
Or extreme harley Dalmatian if more than 25/30 spots!

Wow that’s good restraint alright. Would love to see your others! :grin:
Haha it’s easy, They’re all named too! They’re all very different so easy to tell, even some of the babies have random names :sweat_smile:
Make that 28 babies now. Another clutch just hatched :laughing:

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More babies yey :star_struck: I’ve given up hope with Gingerbread Latte, I’ve moved her into strawberries enclosure, I’m hoping they will get on and I’m going to REALLY search to see if I can find any eggs, but I’m not hopeful.

I miss the spots, to be fair it was the middle of the night when I replied :sleeping:

They’re both quite chill aren’t they so should be fine. The only Crestie Big Mama wasn’t keen on being added to her groups was Crème Brûlée, so she went into a viv alone and I added Akira and Barb to her.
Big Mama accepted Zombie so she went in instead.
They’re funny things but like who they like! :sweat_smile:

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Wow 20 balls too. You must have a full reptile room haha I have my two tanks in my small guest room and anyone who stays over can’t dislike reptiles :sweat_smile:
When my gal cloned herself it was reeeeally hard not to keep one… Especially the one a different color which maybe got her orange ghost. I’m not sure how genetics works but she was lighter than the others.

Cool. I never knew that. Are dalmatian spots only black or red or are white spots considered too?
Do you have a theme of names? Oh exciting! I’d love to see the little ones.

I would love to breed cresties… maybe one day when I don’t have the horse

This is my other gal. Kahlil the ball python. This was her in her bath after laying eggs

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All colours considered just when labelling you say for instance, dalmation with red spots :blush:
My super Dal girl has all of a sudden got a load of orange. She’s now around 8 too! Goes to show they carry on changing… forever! :joy:
No theme, all a bit… random!
My first every Crestie was Kaneki, he started it all off :blush:

That’s a beautiful royal, I have royals myself also. They’re amazing snakes! I love @foxreptiles baby firefly and pastave I must say :wink:
Hoping to breed myself next year!
We also have dart frogs, a southern toad, 3 fat tails, a Williamsi, 2 mournings, a jumping spider and a land snail :sweat_smile:
We had to convert the outhouse into a reptile house for them all! It’s like a mini petting zoo here now! Especially including the dogs, guinea pigs and quail!

What else have you got if anything else? I love seeing everyone’s lovely animals!

These are the newbies born today!


Oh good to know. She has some dark spots and some white ones. The white ones are kind of big and blobby. Darby has been getting more white as she gets older I’d say. I guess I’m not going crazy haha
Thank you. Just a normal but I think she’s gorgeous. And has an “!” At her tail which is neat. Her personality is lovely. Big golden retriever haha
I’d love to see those @foxreptile
Haha oh wow you have tons! Must keep you very busy.
Those are my only two reptiles but these three hairy ones make up the rest of my family :sweat_smile:


These babies are SO cute omg
I love the first one with the darker sides


The ball pythons are really my husband pets, I just clean them and give them attention :grin: and the Cresties are my pets.

I had a theme for crestie names which started as coffee related, but it’s slowly moved to syrups and food as I quickly ran out of names. My recent purchase came with a name which is unrelated to my theme but I think I’m going to keep it.

Hubby doesn’t name the snakes, I do. I struggle remembering the genetics so I name them starting with the same letter eg. Felicity our firefly (mum to some of this year’s babies). I have to name them or I don’t remember lol

Your pets are so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That’s great you have a husband who understands the reptile crazy because he has it too haha @foxreptile
If I had a bigger house I would be very tempted to fill it with geckos and snakes :relaxed: I think gargoyles look so cool!

Update: her left eye seems to be getting better. Just one thin layer it looks like. Still has it on her right but it maybe doesn’t look quite as big. So I think it’s helping!

Look at this adorable little ham after her sauna today :heart_eyes: she was in good spirits and not too grump at me so I took advantage with a hangout.


She looks great :relaxed: and her eyes appear to be getting better :grin:

Maybe she has realised that your not trying to be annoying and you are helping her to see properly again lol

I got hubby into the reptile world, his pet bunny died the day he proposed to me so I got him a bearded dragon (our first ever reptile) a few months later thinking we wouldn’t get as attached, I was wrong :rofl: She died of tumors about 3 years old :disappointed_relieved: then we found ourselves getting more and more reptiles :sweat_smile: despite the heartbreak and vet bill for the beardie :scream: I’m glad it didn’t put us off of Reptiles though :grin:

Ya maybe it just took her 8years to tolerate me haha she was happy to hangout in my hand and was cheesin’ for a cute pic
The left eye is way better for sure! I can’t say the less time with UVB has helped humidity. I think the ceramic heat emitter effects it way more. But the moss and heavy heavy misting is helping.
Oh so sad… before or after he proposed? :grimacing:
People who don’t have reptiles don’t understand how we get attached to them for some reason. Beardies have tons of personality! I’m sorry it has a short life. Ever get another bearded dragon?

We were away for the weekend and his mum didn’t want to tell us till we got back so we not sure on time but it was the same day.

She was a grumpy beardie, which we now think is because she was in pain, but we didn’t know that back then. We took her to the vet every few days for injections etc for months. We didn’t get another beardie, hubby decided he wanted more ball pythons and I had my Crestie (also deceased - old age)

She was a beautiful beardie though, I will have to see if I have an old pic of her.

I LOVE taking pics of my Cresties, I set up a website just to show them off and we have a show off your Cresties page on here that I often use, please feel free to add to it :grin:

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Kind of a bitter sweet day then. That sucks.

Awwww poor girl. So sad. My brother and I had hedgehogs when we were young and almost all of them got tumors young. Apparently they are prone to them. Are beardies prone too or just bad luck?
I’d love to see a pic.

Ok! I’ll add her cute pic. My dad even said she was cuter than my dog in that pic and he hates reptiles haha

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If I have any pics, they will be on an extremely old laptop, so I’m going to need hubby to sort it lol

I believe she was a citrus beardie

I’m not sure if they are prone to it, not much info was known about it back then

Most people think I’m weird because I own reptiles, so it’s great that your girl got a compliment from someone who isn’t in to reptiles :+1:


You can still cause damage to the eye with a qtip. I wouldn’t touch the eye with anything. :heartpulse:

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Yes. As I said, when I saw it was stuck I did not continue.

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How’s she doing?