Crestie Morph Identification

My fiancé went and exchanged the female crested for me (I had posted about her since she had a spinal deformity and wanted second opinions… turns out she was “born like that” but it still wasn’t disclosed to me as so.)
So now I have a healthier looking male, and since I’m really new to crested gecko genetics I’d like some assistance in identifying him.

If I need better pictures I can get some later, he’s a bit jumpy and I would rather give him time to settle in than pester him trying to get pictures.

Thank ya’ll in advance!


Got some better pics :grin:


Even more pics! Brought him inside the main part of the house since our reptile room is a little colder than I would like for him. Probably need to turn up the thermostat haha


After some research on the morphs, I think he would be what’s considered a flame.
Would really like some feedback since I’m interested in breeding these guys and would like to pick out a pretty female for him for once he’s up to size :grin:

Still looking for some clarification on this little guy’s morph. Any help would be appreciated!

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@stewart_reptiles @elementalexotics … Any ideas?

Yes, he is a flame. You could say he has dashed pinstripes as a trait. Sorry that you had a bad experience with your original gal; the new guy looks nice and robust though!

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I’d actually say that one is a Harlequin. There is enough pattern in the mid zones to qualify.

I was stuck between identifying him as a flame or a harlequin because of his side patterning, and I did notice the dashed pin striping when doing my research on the morphs.