Customer wanting to do payment protection

Hey guys! So I have a customer wanting to dobthe PayPal payment protection I spoke to multiple breeders that said whatever you do don’t do it because one of them had to wait 30 days to get their money. And also I heard they can cancel it when they get the snake. I showed him all the proof of where I have shipped before,the animals they got were healthy, I already have 2 good reviews,told him I would make a invoice myself and send it to him and everything… what should I do? I have to pay 50.60 on the label upfront as well. What if I pay thats and I don’t get my money and plus I don’t really have the 50.60 to pay for someone to possibly get 2 snakes for free…

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To my knowledge, so long as they pay using goods and services, they already have protection. I always use goods and services to pay (keeps me from getting scammed as well) and it gets the money to the seller instantly. It is actually against PayPal policy to have someone buy something using friends and family as well. Are you charging them for the shipping as well? One thing you could do is say payment has to clear and you have to have it before you ship.


I highly recommend using PayPal INVOICES (not just a money request). This actually protects you as a seller while giving your customers protection as well. If someone does try to yoink back the money you have additional proof of what they purchased from you. You should also always attach the label information/tracking number to it so there is undeniable proof. Not saying anything is guaranteed but this is safest way to sell with PayPal without getting scammed either way.


Warning!!! It is against PayPal terms of service to sell animals! A lot of breeders are not using PayPal anymore period.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback! I went ahead and just refunded the money. The guy was making me feel horrible about myself and I would of had to pay the shipping up front. BTW the shipping was free but I would of had to wait up to 1 month to get the money back and that was scary to me especially since the person would of gotten the snakes way before I got the money for them! And I didn’t know about the PayPal not allowing the selling of animals im gonna have to use cash app for now on!

Can you point out where it says that’s against the ToS? I don’t see it in there at all.

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It used to be against their ToS but no longer is to my knowledge, but people still spread that outdated info around. Animals are treated just the same as property/items to them.

Here is extra info on PayPal that is on this forum.

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Actually someone just posted it in the comments :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thats why I said I didn’t know. I’m gonna do some further research into it myself.

so goods and services gets you the money instantly?

Goods and services gets the money to the sellers account either instantly or within 24 hours (if the weekend or the like). It is just as fast as friends and family. All it does is charge the seller a small fee for using PayPal as the middle man.

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thank you! So does it matter how long you’ve had paypal and morph market?