*Cute Baby Alert* Redfoot tortoises are hatching!

Some of these hatched a few weeks ago, but the twins began hatching last weekend. Many more to come!

Stretching the legs…

And the twins!


Super cute babies!


So cute!! One of my big dream reptiles to have one day is the sulcata Tort but since their prob too big realistically for me the red footed was my next choice if I ever got a Tort. Nice lil babies you got there.

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Redfoots love attention. Great personalities and always ready for treats. They really seem to enjoy interaction. We have a great group of adults and a couple of juveniles we’re raising up. All great tortoises.

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More babies hatching this week!


I have a russian tort. what is it like caring for redfoots?


Redfoots are very easy but do get quite a bit larger than Russians. We keep them outdoors from spring through fall as long as the low temps are in the upper 50s. They eat various greens, squash, berries, occasional dead rat, mulberry leaves, grape leaves and a bit of tortoise chow.

They do require high humidity and a place to soak if needed. They absolutely love when it rains. Even a sprinkle with bring them out of their hiding spots to get a good shower and stretch their necks and legs. They’re really fun tortoises to interact with.


thx for the info. :slight_smile:

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Those are truly stunning! I can’t get over the bright colors. Very beautiful and congratulations.
I’m not very familiar with tortoises, but I’ve read Red Foots are a good beginner species.
Would you agree with that and why?

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Omg so cute :heart_eyes:

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adorible babies :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for the kind words. Redfoots make an excellent beginner species for many reasons.

Generally speaking they are extremely tolerant of a wide range of temps. We keep ours outdoor, in Indiana, from March to October as long as night temps are at least in the mid 50s.

Diet is pretty diverse and easy to come by. We feed lots of leafy greens, Berry’s, melons, squash, wild grasses and weeds, and an occasion dead rat.

They’re only drawback is size. Although they’re not considered large for a tortoise, they do get a little bigger. The good thing is, it takes quite a few years to reach their top end of size and the cherry head variety stays even smaller as adults. They are very outgoing and usually very social even with people. I can’t say enough about how cool these tortoises are.


You’re welcome.

Thank you very much for the reply. I’ve always been interested in them and I’ve heard you’re a very good keeper. I’ve always been impressed with your ball pythons, some of the stuff you produce is just out of this world.

That helps me a lot, I love hearing reasons as to why people recommend a certain species. Those are a lot of positive things to hear about the Red Footed tortoise.
Thank you so much!


My pleasure! We just sit and watch them quite often. They’re very social not only with each other but with us as well. Had a couple more babies hatch this week. So cool to see.


Adorable. How big is “big” for them?

Our oldest/biggest girl is around 15" at 16 years old. Our other girls are between 8-12" and the males are bother around 12" each.


BOTH cute!

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Man those are really cool, I need to seriously consider adding a Redfoot to my collection.


They are super cool. We’ve been keeping them for around 8 years now. The big male in this pic kept coming over to me because he thought I had more treats.


I like how they age too, they look as beautiful as adults as they do hatchlings!
Thank you for the pictures, you’re not making it easy on me at all :joy:.