Cypress part of the spider complex

So I have some hatchlings from ghi x what I thought was a pastel super enchi lesser woma I no longer think she has super enchi but I did get 3 cypress woma combos. I noticed in the 2 that are more active out of the 3 that there is more of a wobble that I have ever experienced in any of my wobbler pairings. So when I paired them it was before I heard of the speculation that cypress was part of the spider complex so after the 2nd lock I had read about it and decided to no longer pair them but to late she took.


Super Cypress is known to wobble so it follows that Cypress plus another wobble gene is going to have a similarly high expression of wobble. Most wobble morphs don’t go well together if at all.


I tried to post a short video to show it but it wouldn’t post

You have to post it to youtube first I believe.

I hope that gets added to the morph issues list too.
I don’t work with much of the wobbler genes except for spider, so the Super Cypress wobble is news to me. I guess I should have caught that with the suspicion it was in the spider complex though on the allelic combo list.

As far as the hatchlings themselves… I hope they settle in and start well. They are really pretty. It’s a shame about the wobble.

It has been discussed, at length, here:
And here:


That information is buried pretty well though.

The cypress is only mentioned offhand in your comment while the rest of the Convo is dominated by the issue with spotnose…
And the other is the morphipedia on spider and not cypress.

I should have caught it in the allelic post when it said it may be part of spider complex…but it wasn’t a definite according to that post either and now here it’s said to have already been confirmed. The page for cypress (which I had poked at after this Convo for the rest of the juicy bits) even says “suspected”.

So the main posts people go to or at stickied for information are not updated and info can be buried in 200 comments. And there’s so many genes, it can be hard to track it all. Cypress only just caught my eye recently and I haven’t had a chance to research it…but a glance at the issues list and I was not as concerned as I should have been.

I appreciate the links though and I’ll be sure to remember it from now on.


Jesse’s breeding does not prove Cypress and Spider to be allelic. It just further confirms what was already known and adds to the greater body that they might be allelic.

But until someone makes a BlackHead Cypress and then breeds it out to get only BH and Cypress with no WT and no combo, or until Hannah gets around to interrogating all the wobblers, we will not know for certain


They are going into their first shed so new pics coming soon

1st to shed

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Next in the clutch to shed

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The rest of the clutch shed


I’m actually planning on working it in a few things to find out