Devastated and heartbroken

This is all assuming you’re certain she stole it. I don’t know her personality exact situation, so.

EDIT: yeah never mind i re-read the OP it’s pretty f’n obvious so screw her.

I would ask her indirectly, as a rhetorical trick. Just say casually, “Who was the guy who got Moon? I think I actually do need him for a breeding project.” If you’re lucky, and she isn’t paying attention, she might flat out admit it. If not and she denies it then would be the time to tell her you know and you have enough evidence to be convinced. Don’t make it a debate, you know. You could say that it’s not about the money (it isn’t) and you’re just concerned about the animal (you are), which may prompt a confession if she’s convinced you do know and she sees it as a way out.

That kind of behavior is unacceptable. Honestly I would say any future relationship with this individual would have to be contingent on her admitting she did something wrong. Best of luck, honestly.


I attempted to confront her and it ended in a heated argument with her yelling at me and crying about it.

She kept making it about her mental issues and changed the story again, saying instead she had the tank in her room when she was “cleaning” it… and she wasn’t really cleaning it, just flattening the bedding because he had made tunnels and it was hard for her to find him… and the reason for her changing the story so much is because she was high.

So we really never came to a conclusion, just her making excuses and trying to take away from the situation.

I basically told her that as long as she looks for him and finds him and brings him back to me, then I’ll forgive her and apologize for the accusations. Until then, I can’t believe anything she tells me and right now she’s basically guilty until proven innocent.

So, we’ll see what happens. I’m just… lost and mentally exhausted from it all


I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I feel even more hurt when people make excuses.


I honestly wouldn’t let her stay since it is obvious she is lying. She changed her story too many times for it to be true, and I doubt she was stupid enough to let him escape.


Nope, not letting her stay anymore. I’m giving her until the weekend to move out and then I don’t want anything to do with her anymore after that


I can’t begin to imagine what your going through :pensive:

Hope you find moon :crescent_moon:


All I can add to this is; make sure you stick to that.
If you let her stay at this point, all your really doing is enabling her.
She’ll now know she can push you around and there won’t be any repercussions for what she does. Sometimes you gotta be mean to be kind.


Mad respect to this. With my anger issues, disdain for children, and my intense love for reptiles over anything else, I would not be so passive. I’m glad she’s being kicked out, and I hope one day you’ll be able to find Moon again! Even if he is on some Craigslist ad.

Again, mad respect for handling the situation as best as you could and so passively! I also would avoid contact with this person in the future. From personal experiences. They never change if it’s that ingrained into their personality.


If your town has a community facebook page I would definitely post there and any lost pets pages. Mention a reward because you might have to pay to get him back.


Yeah, it’s something I’ll consider if it comes to it, which is likely at this point.

I’ve nearly torn apart the entire house looking for him, and no signs of him yet. Sister still isn’t putting any effort into looking, insisting we set up “traps” for him instead, such as setting down a heat mat + hide, flour lines in doorways, etc.
I’ve never had to do that before so those are my last resort options.

I told her via Facebook messenger that she still owes me $500 until he is found, in which I would make a full refund… and of course she left me on read. Figures.
If she doesn’t pay, I’ll just go through our adopted mom for the money.


What she is doing and has done is just wrong not another word to describe it.


Well, good news — she’s gone now. She made the decision to fly back to Oregon, of course we had to pay for her flight… but she said she’d pay it back supposedly. We’ll see about that, but at least she’s gone now!


Maybe you can claim that back when you reclaim the cost lost of Moon.

Glad she is gone so there is less worry for you and your remaining reptiles.


At the end of the day, it is sad that it ended like this, but the silver lining is that you don’t have to worry about something like this happening again with you.


One last update… as I have yet to find him nor have I seen any sign of him. It’s been really hard because I trusted my sister so much, but I’m finally starting to accept the fact that he’s gone.

One of our kingsnakes got out of her tank yesterday… and within 30 minutes of discovering she had escaped, my fiancé found her in the dining room.

It got me to thinking…

Considering I’ve ALWAYS found loose snakes within a day or two of them getting out, I’m 100% certain my sister did something to him. He’s been missing for nearly 3 weeks and again… no sign of him. We would have definitely found him by now if he was actually loose in the house.

She has also not spoke to me since she left.

So that is the conclusion… he is gone, and my sister got away with it.
Tried to tell my adopted mother what happened, and she practically ignored me. Figures.


Again I am so sorry about this. I wish human decency was more wide spread. Trust me, we are all grieving with you, Holly. So much love and many prayers coming your way.


It really is horrible, what has happened and I can’t imagine how you feel :pensive:

Just amazes me the lack of decency in the world :sweat:


I would personally threaten them with legal action if they don’t pay for the snake. Even if you don’t have proof she sold it, she still lost it in her care and can be held liable.


Unsure how that would work when there was no written agreement about payment or anything of the sort — the only evidence I have of her taking him is on the cameras when she came to the reptile room (while my fiancé and I were in there doing maintenance) to get him and then the tank she put him in… which she also didn’t take the lid for and had it set up without the lid on it. Something I didn’t realize until after the fact. :roll_eyes:


But… thank you guys for the support and kind words.

I’ll just have to take this as a learning experience, however horrible it was. No sales without a signed contract. Though I’m not gonna sell anything to my sister or let her near my animals ever again. That’s for sure.