Devastated and heartbroken

I am so, so sorry, I know this definitely isn’t the closure I know you were hoping for.


Oh Holly, this is awful. I’m so very sorry for your loss.


My situation is a bit different, but 2 of my baby balls managed to escape within the month. When i set up the temp totes i overestimated how much air they needed and underestimated their will to squeeze through a hole. 1 was a ghi mojave het jolif axanthic, the other was a jolif axanthic super tiger. I have not found the jolif ax, but i did sadly find the GHI dead. He went to the basement and curled up under a fan. When i found him he wasnt shriveled or eyes suck at all, and it leaves me with the feeling if i searched just a little harder, maybe i would have found him in time. My hope isnt high for the other snake.

Long story short though, sometimes things happen, and all ypu can do is learn from them. For me, losing 2 snakes because i made a dumb mistake and made the air holes too big hurts, but now i know next time, more small holes is far better than a few larger holes, even if i dont think the head will fit past. For you, you removed the hazard for your snakes, so while he passed away, you learned from the experience, got rid of the danger, and can move forward with the snakes you still have in a safer manner :slight_smile:


I am so sorry this happened. Know that my heart is with moon and you. I am so sorry :heart:


There are no words.
All I can is sorry for your loss.


How heartbreaking! I cried, too. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Holly, and so so sorry that you found him that way. What a gut punch. I’m praying for you. And for your fiance. And also for your wretched sister. My animals are very much my babies, too. This is just awful for everyone. ((Hugs))