DNA of ball python

I got 2 ball pythons one blue eyed Lucy the other ome a pied ball I got from a guy a year ago. But all he knew that it was a bel and a pied ball. Is there any way I can find out the dna on these two snakes ? Down the road I would like to breed them with my other bel and pied ball.

As of I know right now no… there is at least one group working on defining genetics through sheds but it isn’t anywhere near comprehensive yet. The only way is to breed and prove the genes that way.

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As said above nothing like that exists now. I believe multiple groups have worked on that but I only know of one who has made significant progress and they’re starting with albino morphs. There’s a post about that group here.
For now the best way to figure out morphs will be test breeding.

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Test breeding as said, with a normal.

Any pics of them both?

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Stupid question here, isnt there a BEL that shows pattern through blacklight? I thought there were some quirks between the BELs that could give an educated guess, but the only way to know for sure is to breed so you can see what the het form looks like.


Some bels do show some traits… super Mojave have a darker head, super lesser have bigger eyes, my bamboo Mojave you can see pattern. Of course breeding it out is the only 100% way unless you know the pairing.



SuperLessers do not always have the bug-eyes, it is more common in them but not an absolute

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So breeding it out. What will I be looking for ? I’m just new to all this and trying to learn

Yeah that’s why I said some.

Since BluELs are the homozygous (or compound heterozygous) form, what you produce will show you which gene or genes are involved. If your animal is a SuperLesser BluEL then all the babies will be Lesser. If your animal is a Lesser/Mojave then, statistically, half the babies will be Lesser and half will be Mojave.