Do we have any fellow veterans here?

I hope that we have fellow veterans here. Im former USN. If so leave a reply of branch or anything you wanna share.

From one veteran to another i would like to offer my sincere thanks for your service. I wish for peace in your heart and a stillness in your mind this Memorial day. I never say to my fellow vets “happy” Memorial Day as it for us is seldom happy. We may have served in war but the war inside ourselves stays. We may have PTSD, nightmares, guilt, shame, anxiety and or a host of physical injuries. So as we enjoy our weekend with friends and families, cookouts and sports. I really hope for an inner peace and stillness and though we may have lost friends, i hope that we remember the good times we had with them and with time some of that heavy burden and sadness be replaced with joy.

Freedom isn’t free and all gave some and some gave all.
I really do hold a deep respect for my fellow vets even if sometimes we may disagree.

Peace be with you.

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USAF 1993-1997

Only did 4 years, but went to 9 countries. Couldnt re-up due to paperwork screwups by our training NCO. Taught me a career Ive had for nearly 30 years though.

God bless our vets, and fallen heroes. I had someone tell me this week that a youngan that was a desk clerk in the Army wasnt really a vet. Nearly slapped him. You serve, you are a veteran and you have my respect.

Dont worry. I set him straight.


I was a machinist mate on the submarine uss west Virginia ssbn 736 for four years and a construction electrician(Seabee) for two. In the us navy of course!


Army vet here.

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Hello! USAF 2004 - 2010 F-16 Avionics Tech


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I was wondering what happened to my post :joy: im still very new to this site and im definitely made a few mistakes ( such as saying i was looking for X) that wasn’t my intention.

Im here to interact with like minded people, find animals that i find interesting, and im here most of all to learn. I have many years working with animals but 0 experience with snakes, as my momma never let me own them. I think it was more a religious objection over a fear decision because she let me have some animals like spiders.

My 1 priority is to my animals 100% not about trying to make morphs and make money. ( not that that is wrong) im listening to people who have actual real world experience and learning, there is only so much a book/ internet will teach you ( just like any skill/trade) i may be very well read about species but that doesn’t mean i have actual skills. Now when it comes to other animals such as fish, rabbits, rats, spiders etc. I have tons of real world experience ( not meaning i still couldn’t learn new tricks) my snake skills are zero and i suspect it will be years before i really know enough to actually try to breed them. Like anyone can breed rats, mice rabbits etc. But not everyone can breed snakes ( imo) so im glad to be here to meet people ( and having military vets gives me 1 more thing in common) im here to be a sponge and absorb and make new friends. As im new i know im bound to make many mistakes.


No worries, i only recently gained status as a “regular” so i know that struggle haha. Oh, forgot to mention because i went off topic, CTNG 2008- ongoinging, 3 deployments. Been around for a bit, will probably be in a good bit longer haha


I big THANK YOU TO ALL ARE VETS HERE. I am not one but my uncle who taught me how to hunt and fish and camping was one. I respect him more than any one could know. He survived landing at Normandy beach and walked all the way to Berlin Germany. RIP Bus.


US Navy Veteran
Stationed SubBase New London CT on a Submarine Drydock


And to think we complain about walking to the store. WW2 vets were amazing ( not that we all aren’t in our way) I don’t want to get political here but our Viet Nam vets really were done dirty by our country and its people. Most of my friends are vets and i always make it a point to thank the Vietnam vets and also apologize for how they were treated.


I went to submarine and A school there!


Hey! We are almost work neighbors! I work at groton new london air port at the 1109th TASMG facility :slight_smile:


Four years US Army, thirteen Bravo, cannoneer on 155 mm self-propelled howitzer at Fort Sill Oklahoma. 93 to 97. I can’t thank everyone else who served enough for making that sacrifice. I never saw combat during my time in the service and I have the utmost respect for those that did.


Thank you for your service :heart: as a veteran friend of mine put it this way because i felt i didn’t do much during my tour. He said we all had a role that meant something whether they were mess cooks or clerks or front line combat troops we all gave. I was intel in the navy and i always admired my army and marine corp. friends and i was like i didn’t really do much but be in the rear in air conditioning, my friend told me don’t look at it that way because they couldn’t do their job without me. So even though you didn’t serve during war time, you were one of the 7% of all Americans who raised their hands to keep 100% of us free!


Very well stated.


Im curious, i know we are a multi national forums here, any vets from other countries in here? There must be, where are you guys hiding? Haha


Right? They definitely are not excluded in the convo even no vets are welcome to comment


I would say absent not excluded haha, we would love to include them! But i know what you meant xD