Does anyone know what this is on my crested geckos head


Looks like a old scar I think

Looks like some stuck shed?

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I have no idea should I be worried?

If shed then no, just make sure humidity is correct and up it slightly, you can always help by putting a bit of water on your finger and running it off if he will let you, or use tweezers.

But to be honest should come off on it’s own :relaxed:

He or she is super chill it would definitely let me. It doesn’t seem like stuck shed… it seems like… almost a water spot

This looks like stuck shed to me. But my baby crested gecko has weird markings across the entire head under a blacklight, I don’t know if it could be similar…

Interesting… also I’ve had it for about… 3 weeks? I think and I weigh it every week and it’s been 6 grams the whole time is it bad it’s not grown?

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They usually won’t grow a whole lot, they’re slow growers. Occasionally feeding bugs (dubias and crickets a couple days per week) will speed up their growth.

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But I want it to eat it’s real food too… bc Ik it’s hard to get all the proper vitamins and things. I tried a black soldier fly larvae and wasn’t interested. I’ll get a couple small crickets and try that.

Black soldier fly larvae can’t be digested very well. So try to avoid feeding those. If you feed crickets make sure the gecko eats all of them and put a small piece of carrot in there. Crickets can severely damage geckos by biting them. What are you currently feeding? A powder mix like pangea CGD works the best and is what pretty much everybody uses.

Calci worms are actually good for Cresties, but crickets I use the most as they go mad for them. And feed 2/3 times a week along with the Pangea/repashy every other day :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t know that! Ty! I’m glad they didn’t eat it! I have apricot and papaya Pangea diets. And I have food and water for crickets. I’ll make sure to only do Dubai’s and crickets then! U just saved me :sweat_smile:

My adult loves crickets aS u can see


And as said some take a while to grow,
I have one here that’s around 3 months younger than another it’s going to a new home with in April and she’s quite a bit bigger! She did hatch at 3g though so new would be a biggen.

Calci worms are actually fine for cresties and can be digested fine, they’re Actually Very good for them!
It’s meal worms that aren’t great…

They can eat them, don’t worry!
They can even eat the black soldier flies too (if they can catch them) :sweat_smile:

Does calci worm=black soldier fly larvae?

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Yeah it does :grin:

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It’s mainly in younger cresties. I’ve heard of cresties pooping them out undigested. I’m personally going to only feed dubias.