EXCLUDE Seller filter option [SOLVED]

Once we’ve vetted a Seller and no longer wish to consider them, we should have the ability to exclude that seller from our search results. It’s frustrating seeing an animal then clicking to realize it’s a seller you do not want to do business with.
These don’t HAVE TO Save. But that would be a nice add-on as well, so we wouldn’t have to re-type seller names every time.

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You can actually do this using the “Block” button on a seller’s store :blush:

If @akmorphs is driving you mad, you could just hit that and she won’t show up in your searches any more (though, I’d recommend following her instead… she’s damn awesome).


Oh wow! Thanks! :smiley: I kept checking the filter option wondering if I was missing something lol


Why you gotta use my page Thomas :sob:


:sweat_smile: yours has the cutest logo!

Plus… i was already on there for this one :blush:… but mainly the cute logo thing.